Operation...? Exercise....?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Just think of a name for one. The more bizarre the better.

    "Operation Global Fridge Magnet"
  2. Operation Market Halbrough ....The Liberation of Leicestershire
  3. operation sticky wicket. ( mixed sexes welcome )
  4. Operation Cut-throat
    Exercise Safeguard
    Operation Tally Ho
    Exercise Four Exercise
    :D :D
  5. These would be funnier* if you stuck to the (current) convention of single word for an op, two for an exercise, or is it that long since any of you were on real ops? *(When I say 'funnier', that doesn't mean that the offerings so far are actually anything more than vaguely amusing at best.)
  6. What, like Op Sond Chara (Red dagger)? How long since you've been on an op?
  7. Wiki reference here. It complies with my own understanding.

    Interesting item about the US choosing names for operations here too.
  8. I think theres some confusion here: Yes we use single words for the main "op" itself and the spams use two:

    Op Banner
    Op Fingal
    Op Herrick - Op Enduring Freedom
    Op Telic - Op Iraqi Freedom

    But on individual ops within ops if that makes sense, , the majority are two word, ala Op Sond Chara during Op Herrick etc

    back on topic though, may I suggest:

    Op Pedantic [email protected]?
  9. OP Throbbers? lol
  10. :D
  11. Exercise "Ginger Ferret". Did this one at Wyton years ago!
  12. Surely that should be Op PEDANTIC [email protected]

    Oh, and in answer to your previous question, two ops tours in my current draft, encompassing a few different ops, all of which were TS and above.
  13. OP Black cat?

  14. ....and if Rum Rat posted it would be......
  15. Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to black cat you. I assumed you were at the 'sharp end of the spear' like me, the way you challenged. Didn't realise you were a sea-shy inboard shiney-arse or similar.
  16. Sharp end of the Naafi queue more like. If you re-read your original post, you'll note that it was you who questioned whether anyone had been on ops recently, hence my retort after pointing out that you were, well, wrong.

    And only 2? I've more medal on my sylvette than you've got on your chest you conchy hermer.
  17. So, to summarize, I pose a question, you ask it back at me, I answer honestly, you accuse me of black-catting, I suggest that if I was black-catting, it is because you do not have much recent operational experience, you resort to taunts. Op PETULANT or Ex Spat Dummy, I'll let the viewers decide.
  18. OP HUMOUR VACUUM or perhaps OP NAMET CHAMP would be more appropriate.

    If you would have taken the time to read my post properly, you would have notice that underneath OP BLACK CAT is a number, that number is 3, the amount of op tours I've done in my current draft. I didn't call you a black cat, I was referring to myself.

  19. Saw the number 3, but didn't realise it's significance :oops:

    Btw, shouldn't it be Op LANTERN CHAMP?
  20. Touche!

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