Operation Commando

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Repel Hostile Forces with The Royal Marines
Have You Got What It Takes to Be a Royal Marine for the Weekend?

Prepare to Move Out: March 2nd– 4th 2012

“Hostile forces have landed on a remote coastline. They are steadily making their way inland. You are part of an elite four man team briefed to repel the impending attack.”​

Your Mission: Undertake a mission with The Royal Marines that will test your physical endurance, mental ability, teamwork and leadership skills. Gather a team of four friends, for one weekend only and transform yourself into a Royal Marines Fire Team.

Battle Orders
: Grab your outdoor kit, prepare to get muddy and be certain to have fun. Round up your comrades and take part in a number of action-packed activities, which will certainly put you through your paces.

Fire and maneuver, minefield extraction and casualty evacuations are just a few of the challenges which you and your squad of four will endure over the weekend. Suitable for all fitness levels, Operation Commando is an adventure weekend designed by the Royal Marines to give mere mortals a taste of life in the armed forces. Designed with true spirit and passion, this adventure weekend will be like no other. Help raise funds for wounded Royal Marines and have a great time doing so.

Do you have what it takes to experience the spirit, skill and stamina required of a Royal Marines commando?

Over 30 serving and former Royal Marines will be guiding all teams through Operation Commando to provide an authentic Royal Marines experience.

Teams: Round up your troops now! Each squad must consist of up to four people. Register an office team, challenge your next door neighbours or simply organise a group of friends and live the life of a soldier for the weekend. This inaugural event will be limited to 24 teams of four people, so make sure you sign up now to avoid disappointment. (N.B. At the time of going to print, only 16 teams remain)

Who can take part? Suitable for moderate fitness levels and abilities, Operation Commando welcomes everyone from newcomers to elite adventurers. Above all, the weekend offers a great opportunity for those with a sense of fun, adventure and healthy competitive spirit.

Entry Fee: Operation Commando starts from just £149 per adventurer, plus a requested fundraising amount for the Royal Marines Association or £200 per person.

The role of The Royal Marines Association (RMA) is to maintain and promote Esprit de Corps and comradeship amongst all Royal Marines and their families, past and present. The RMA is established in Branches all over the country and overseas to keep members in touch with one another. The RMA is an integral part of the “Corps Family”.

Fundraising: No challenge is complete without a mandatory bout of hard graft. Designed to test your
innovation and organisational skills, adventurers are required to think outside the box whilst raising funds for The Royal Marines Association. All adventurers must raise a minimum of £200 which will go directly towards helping injured servicemen and their immediate families.

Website: If you would like to take up this challenge please visit www.operationcommando.com

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