Opening Of New Forces Memorial - Free Tickets Available

Noticed this in the papers this morning.

The new Armed Forces Memorial, dedicated to the 16000 forces personnel who have been killed since the Second World War, will be officially opened on 12 Oct at Lichfield, Staffs.

You can apply for free tickets for the opening at the official site:

Armed Forces Memorial Link

The memorial opens to the public on 29 Oct.


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In addition to the memorial the BBC have commissioned a one hour long documentary to be shown in November 2007 (will put out the exact date when I have it)


October 2007 will see the inauguration of the first national memorial to members of our Armed Forces killed on duty since the end of the Second World War. Currently under construction at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, this striking monument, designed by architect Liam O’Connor, will be engraved with the names of more than 15,000 Servicemen and women. Traditional ‘war memorials’ only remember those killed in conflict. The Armed Forces Memorial will reflect the wide range of circumstances in which troops have lost their lives while serving their country in the last 60 years - whether in action, during training at home and overseas, while supporting peacekeeping and aid missions, or as a result of terrorist action.

To commemorate the creation of this historic monument, BBC ONE will be airing an hour-long documentary in November, charting the construction process and exploring some of the personal stories of the individuals it remembers

For the Submariners among you, part of the documentary will be about the Submarine Sidon accident on 16th June 1955. I understand that there will be short pieces from each of the Services.

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