Open University / Distance learning whilst deployed at sea?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Bleak Lemming, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Good morning all,

    I just have a quick question.

    I'm studying part time for a degree in engineering with the Open University, however have applied for the RN as an ET/ME(SM).

    I have read that often submariners do distance learning with the Open University in their free time. Is this really the case? And if anybody has experience of doing so, how do you go about submitting assignments if you're on deployed at sea (without internet)? What if you have an exam? Do they make other arrangements?

    I've seen that they make special arrangements for people deployed on operations in other areas of the Armed Forces but the Submarine Service seems like a difficult one to get by with this.

    Advice much appreciated,

  2. I'm not a submariner so can't comment on the specific problems faced but I have just completed an MSc via distance learning and it was clearly understood by the university that certain occupations and deployments can impose specific constraints on returning work to schedule etc.

    Discuss the issues with the university course administrator and ensure that you can get the necessary "excused sports" letters from your line manager or appropriate authorities and the university will work with you to find a way to tailor the course around your specific constraints.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It won't just be the difficulties of submitting course work, once on your first boat you will have no time to do anything other than your normal duties and getting on with your part three training. To be honest I'm out the loop now, but Part three used to take precedence over everything else, so there may be a gap in you Open University studies until thats done.

    I don't know what the waiting list for your branch is, most of them are fairly long so you may have time to finish your degree before you join.
  4. As Janner says, your first year on your first boat you'll be too busy qualifying to do much else, having said that I have served with many doing OU whilst onboard and they all have arrangements with the OU to cater for this. Every boat has a nominated education officer who will help with this sort of thing and every base has an education centre for the same thing. I did some O levels (as they were back then) at sea with the nominated officer being the adjudicator and signing to say the exam was done under the correct conditions. Many have done, and are doing, OU's at sea.
  5. Thanks to all of you for your quick replies, they are very promising. I gathered tat if I pass the interviews etc I would have to put that on hold for up to a year until I qualify in my role. Can I ask, do the Navy support this sort of thing by financing their staff? I only ask as I am on the 'old' university fees which I don't mind paying, however if I stop studying for 1 year then I will go onto the new university fees which are a lot more expensive.
  6. You get an annual education allowance, i can't remember how much plus Learning credits. Someone will be along who knows the figures. I did an HNC in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Plymouth Uni on day release and the pusser paid for all of it plus giving me the time off to attend. Try the search fundtion on here, it's bound to have been covered before.
  7. Huh? :slow:

    I did my HNC in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Collingrad, and Pusser not only paid me the going daily rate, plus all the available 'extras' at the time, thereby allowing me to put the educational allowance to better use! :-D

    But then you wos a clanky - no?
  8. No, I was an LOEM when I got sideswiped into the ME world during EBD, became a POMEM(L) and when I finished Mechs course I ended up an MEA(L).
  9. Clanky, clanky!!!!

    You think you had a problem, one day I was on Mech's course, then the next I was on Tiff's course! (Spits).
  10. You did Mechs course same time as me then SB. When I started it was called MQC, when I finished it was ACC. Did the last 6 months of course at Collingrad ('85) making battery chargers and electronic ignitions plus the 2 week SFC course. And I was a proper greenie, not poncying around with pooftah amps like you WE's!!!!
  11. Milliamps were hot enough for me!
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    With the waiting times what they are, I imagine you will have finished your degree by the time you join. As you have already been told, the first 2(ish) years in the navy will involve basic training, part 2 trade training, part 3 (SMQ wet & dry), qualifying in your watchkeeping position and shutdown junior rate. Lots of folk have completed degrees whilst onboard. As for exams, I'm sure there is something in place that the education officer can be the exam invigilator when at sea.

    I would suggest you maybe apply for an officer role rather than a rating if you have the points. If not why not do some A levels.

    Right thats my good deed done for the month.
  13. I have no A-levels, however I have completed 1/3 of my degree with 95% but they aren't bothered about that as I don't tick the UCAS boxes.. So I'll have to apply as a rating. I was told that I would expect to start my training next year should I pass the entrance requirements and that was for ET on the surface vessels, however I think they are currently after ET(SM) according to the RN website and this is what I've applied for. Awaiting a letter with my RT details (which seem pretty straight forward..), I'll ask more questions then as I'll be allocated a guy at the office. The last person didn't seem to have a clue :s
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You crack on popeye and good luck. As this is the submariners forum and you're a civvy ****, I'm legally bound to give you some shit.

    **** off with the what, where, when, why, who and how ******* long. :-D
  15. ta for that :p

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