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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by ossyboydug, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Who will be traveling down to the open day tomorrow ?
  2. i will indeed. :) yourself? do you know anything about parking down there? fish
  3. Christ, this is the THIRD thread on this.

    But yes, I will as will at least 2 others I'm meeting up with from here.
  4. yes i will be traveling down, my brother is taking part in the ceremonial sunset and passes in on friday (just thought i would let you know) :wink:
  5. All i've heard is that it's limited but not quite sure what that means. Sure it will be fine if you get there early ish. Are you from Plym or nearby?
  6. ..yeah just found the other threads, ooops. does anybody know about parking down there..? Im a little worried, on the RN website it says there is 'limited' and parking across the road. could anybody shed any light on this? fish
  7. sorry pilot dint see your reply. no up nearly bristol so its a bit of a trek haha. sure there will be some somewhere. hopefully :) thanks
  8. Parking is in Spickernall carpark and you get into Raleigh across a footbridge. Spickernall site is part of the Raleigh real estate with MGS guards on the gate. If full go down the road 200 yds and park on the industrial estate
  9. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Is this on the HMS Fisguard site?
  10. in a word, yes- not that there's very much of Fisgard left to see, just some bits of brick and the odd shed...
  11. added to get off "that" number... :oops:
  12. Was not that bad of a day :)
  13. Go on, then - was it a good day?
  14. It was pretty decent. Saw a lot of Raleigh. Did more good than it hurt :lol:

  15. and thats your sitrep Tim?

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