Open Challenge to CMR Staff

Is CMR spying on RR Posters?

  • NO - this is an internet rumour designed to make people hate CMR

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We've had a lot of rumours here that CMR staff are identifying and warning posters here about possible disloyalty to the RNR. I am very angry that the RNR could even consider doing this, therefore, may I formally request that a member of the CMR staff (and we all know you lurk here) could post here (anonymously but as CMR1 perhaps) and formally confirm or deny this rumour?

It will do morale no good in the long term if we perceive that our command is spying on us, and it has the potential to be enormously damaging to the RNR if this rumour spread more widely - we all know journalists use this site, what if they turned this into a story about the RN spying on its staff?

Please can you deny this rumour to us as in my book your silence will be taken as confirmation of the truth.


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And if someone does post as CMR1 perhaps then is it actually believable, either way the conspiracy theorists will continue to say the same things.
TF110...why the concern? change your user name and don't say anything that could identify yourself.

I do have suspicions about strange little people living in my keyboard though........... :shock:


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"TF110...why the concern? change your user name and don't say anything that could identify yourself."

Why the concern - because I don't like the idea that CMR is allegedly doing something that the Army, RAF and RN havent' done, and which I believe they are on legally thin ice to even consider carrying out.
We're all allowed our own hobby horses :)


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Well I was considering an FOI or PQ to my MP as well - but thought this may be marginally less open.

I really don't want this to be true, but I do want it cleared up and cleared up fast. All it needs is for MC to post here and say "NO" - I'd then happily ask for the thread to be locked and never referred to again.
BUT if it is true, how can we trust our leadership again if we know they're spying on us and our rights to free speech in our own time
I can honestly say that to the best of my knowledge there is no SPYING at all on any individual, i do know that most of the CMR hierarchy read and on occasion contribute to RR.

RR is considered a valuable and welcome site .
Methinks some paranoia is going on here.

To behonest they are very short staffed at HQ and dont have the time to flit around checking and logging websites.
Rest easy chill out and had a drink , big brother is not watching you , he is too busy


I cant believe that some people actually think that they won't monitor this forum. They probably chuckle at alot of the rumours that get banded about which are well of the mark and sometimes laughable. They probably also scratch their heads as to how some of the rumours that are right on the button have got out into the world!

What i would like to know is what can they actually do about it? What would these letters say? What would it look like if the press got hold of these letters (if they exist).

I can understand security etc but i think that we are scrutinised well enough by the moderators to prevent such a thing.