Open a new box of sailors?????

Back in the day, being a "Small Ships" Rating there was never anyone else to do everything that needed doing so even as a PO I had to scrub out the Sick Bay (OK the occasional Man Under Puns may have been detailed off - but most of the time they worked POS) along with doing everythings else ... writing my own referal letters ... didn't have on board computers or word processors so it was the trusty Olivetti and carbon paper. Basically it gave me a "can do attitude" ... there was no one else, I couldn't open a new box of sailors so just got on and did what ever was necessary! Mind there was the fact that once at sea there wasn't much else to do and it did mean that you weren't still hacking away at it when alongside.

Transferring into Civvy St it worked well for me and I still just got on with the job ... did all my own clerical work and didn't shout and scream for secretarial support ... not that I would have got it anyway ... but unlike some of my peers I was meeting deadlines and getting the work done ... whereas some others that had never worked in a high pressure envirionment where you had to do everything yourself were screaming they didn't have the time, hadn't got the man power etc etc so you can guess where the work went.

OK I've got a good job but when theres extra work that needs doing which is not really my remit it still comes my way as them upstairs know it will be done to a high standard and now I get the feeling that the "can do attitude" has bitten me in the arse ... while the serial complainers/whingers/window lickers & no-hopers just go on in their own sweet way ... no extra work ... just seems a bit of inequality somewhere!

Makes me wonder if its not better to say "soddoff and take your work elsewhere" now and again ...Now where did I put that spare box of sailors????????????????????


Send them a list of your workload from various seniors, and politely ask them to prioritise the extra workload they have given you. They will get their heads together, realise you are ace beyond all reckoning and give you more money.

I'll be the guy making the boss a coffee (because I have nothing to do), stirring about what a drama queen you are. Promotion in the bag (for me)! :p
Makes me wonder if its not better to say "soddoff and take your work elsewhere" now and again ...Now where did I put that spare box of sailors????????????????????
You can always do what one of the civil servants I used to work with did, he would have a list on his desk and did not work to any priorities, so if you gave him work you would go to the bottom of the list, and he would say it will be 3 or 4 weeks before I will even start that is that OK? So most of the time I would get it done myself, I was told of for not using the admim/typing pool but it always took to long and came back with errors so had to go round again. The pain in the arse bit is when you see all the low life no hoppers being promoted above you, as you ended up doing their work, which the boss had given to you for speed, then the low life signs it off and your name in nowhere on the report? :thumbdown:

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