Op Veritas (2001) HMS Triumph

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Deepster, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Firstly, hello there this is my first post.Now down to business,

    Does anyone know if gongs were awarded for this? OSM Afghanistan?
    I ask because I left the service before the medal was introduced.
  2. I was on Traf at the same time and yes they were. I got mine about a year after we got back.
  3. Guess I better get onto the HM medal office then..............
  4. Yeh was on Triumph at the time
    Mines on my Nos 1's as we speak
    Took about a year to recieve it though (as wrecker L said)
    Quality boat .. and a Quality crew..
    Thanx lads
  5. Yeh mate I too got a piece of tin on the mighty Triumph for that patrol, also got into a bit of trouble in DG just after, involved a cherry picker?????

    Didn't get mine until late 2004!
  6. Yeh..........
    I remember being lined up on the jetty that morning and taking "one pace forward" for having tattoo's on my forearms... "MEMORIES"
    What a "run" that was.. HA HA
  7. Deepster: How can it be your FIRST post when your track record clearly says this is your 17th post ??? elucidate.....
  8. Its was my first post at the time, theres been posts since then..............

    Yeh the line-up on the jetty was crazy, still the whole dit was when we found out the full details.

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