Op Veritas (2001) HMS Triumph

Firstly, hello there this is my first post.Now down to business,

Does anyone know if gongs were awarded for this? OSM Afghanistan?
I ask because I left the service before the medal was introduced.
Yeh was on Triumph at the time
Mines on my Nos 1's as we speak
Took about a year to recieve it though (as wrecker L said)
Quality boat .. and a Quality crew..
Thanx lads


Lantern Swinger
Yeh mate I too got a piece of tin on the mighty Triumph for that patrol, also got into a bit of trouble in DG just after, involved a cherry picker?????

Didn't get mine until late 2004!
I remember being lined up on the jetty that morning and taking "one pace forward" for having tattoo's on my forearms... "MEMORIES"
What a "run" that was.. HA HA
Its was my first post at the time, theres been posts since then..............

Yeh the line-up on the jetty was crazy, still the whole dit was when we found out the full details.

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