Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by SO2Seaman, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Sea(Res) Branch,
    I have sent out 2 ETMs ref the award of the Op Telic medal to those of you who have been deployed to FPGRM.
    Without going into too much detail on this site - Your RFPOs now have a list of all current applications and will be forwarding it to your units. You can then contact your Unit to see if your name is contained in the lists.
    8 Medals have been recieved by FPGRM and are inbound to the respective units - details are in ETM20/09
    Yours Aye
  2. finally got mine thanks to loads of phone calls and pokes from me ,a big well done to those who got the nightmare sorted once and for all.
    Just a thought maybe we could have them presented to us as we get demobed. too sensible hmmm !! Anyway thanks drip over lol.
  3. Sounds like a great idea, however you will need to suggest it to FPGRM. I will mention your comment next time I speak to the OC of the "Naval Squadron" at FPGRM (this week sometime)

    thanks for the feedback

  4. Still waiting for mine, and have been since end of June last year!!!! I will get extremely snotty soon if there isn't good news! Every time I phone JPAC they say no application is outstanding, everytime I speak to FPGRM they say it is and to wait a little longer! Wasn't medal hunting, but if you've done the time, surely you deserve the medal, plenty of others have done far less and walked away with a gong!!! :x
  5. and plenty of others despite already having one have rucked up for another stint x2 x3 x4 etc and done a lot more....What recognition do they get....NIL!!!

    Its just a medal not the holy grail...chill out!
  6. Easy to say if you've already got it, and I agree, there should be some recognition if you do more. But 18 months mobilised with nothing to show for it when others have and have done the same thing sucks a little. I would have been cool if it wasn't for all the apathy and lies!!!
  7. Having been there too...if you've done 18 months fella you need more than a TELIC medal!
  8. Yeah! I need a civvie brain back!!
  9. noemis
    pse pm me with some details and I will personally chase it up.
  10. "apathy and lies," meat and veg to the mobilised. :(
  11. Have total sympathy with all the arguments here.

    I was denied an OSM as they moved the goalposts while I was mobilised.

    Best part of 20 years in, crown in two branches, still a killick despite being highly qualified and experienced and done multiple tours. Let's face it, if you belong to the right unit, do not very much of any worth, are in the right clique and get noticed by the right people you get all the medals and promotions, but if not forget it. You'll never get any recognition, in your own unit or otherwise. Just be glad and proud you've done your job well - (and you know if you've done it well or not). It's the greatest satisfaction there is. You'll only end up bitter otherwise, and believe me I've been there, but it's just not worth it.

    Life's not fair, but no-one ever said it would be. Like they say, if you can't take a joke............................
  12. I use St Johns wort or a punchbag Hooky, sometimes I need both. Ditto your feelings. :frustrated: :frustrated:
  13. Roger:

    For what it's worth mate I know you did your job well.

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