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Im currently gravving it up at 45, but after my juniors (january) im thinking of having a bash at OP SAMSON/defence humint course. Anyone been there, done that, or know someone that has, basically to say whether its **** or hoofing!!! cheers lads
Yep, know loads of people that are employed on Op Samson though as Alf says, go to the brief. Take a look at the poster and give them a call. They are NOT SF but the selection is apparently not easy and there is a low pass rate. It's not just the physical side of things, but the mental aspects as well.


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aye, i went to the brief, which is why i want to have a bash at it!! but you know what it's like, powerpoint presentations in Bewley hall make K4's course look good lol. just wanted to know if its actually as good as the brief makes it out to be
montfish said:
.....just wanted to know if its actually as good as the brief makes it out to be
Since you've done the brief you'll know that it's difficult to discuss that particular question here.
Been to the brief. Brief was quite interesting. Since been told to stay the **** away from it for various reasons. cant really talk about it on here.
ETME_submariner said:
is this mainly for infantry type units or open to all service personel
It's open to all on the trained strength, however you're not going to get any more substantive information here. Read the DIN, go to the briefing, note the classifications.


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ETME_submariner said:
been to see DO about it and he wont help as he's a complete arse wipe does it have to go through him
If you are already earmarked for another course they may not let you go, however its not up to your DO to stop you. He may want you to get a bit of experience first.
TheCISspecialist said:
ETME_submariner said:
only got 1 week left of training but held over till 15th september
From what I can remember, I'm pretty sure you will have a long time to go before you are eligible to try for this
Trained strength, but it's taking a long time to get that message home, I suspect that was the DOs message as well.
ETME_submariner, Op Samson is open to all arms of the forces, male & female but it is highly unlikely that you will get anywhere near it until you've had a couple of years experience in your own trade. It is also considered to slow you down for promotion as you are taken out of your trade as well. By all means consider it for the future but at the moment it really is a non-starter if you're still in training.