Op. Olympics Commemoratives.

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hookyh, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Just curious - Did anyone receive the 'special' commemorative coin that all who deployed on Op. Olympics last year were supposed to get?

    Only asking as I only know two RAF Corporals who did, which is odd considering so many were working there.

    Did think it was an urban myth, but having seen it I now know I was wrong.

    Not arsed whether it arrives at some point or not to be fair, just guessed it may be a case of locking people back in their cages and waiting for the next time we're needed - The old "Break glass in the event of war" thing.

    Standing by for the usual torrent of sarcasm! Enjoy!! ;-P
  2. they got a holiday inn and Marriott collector coin, only a travelodge and premier inn to get a full set!
  3. Nope we've not received ours on the Rusty B
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  4. There's a surprise!

    I originally thought 'nice touch' when I heard it was being made, but thought no more of it until I saw them sitting on the desks of the Crabs in my office, which is why over a year later I'd have thought everyone would have received them by now.

    Do get the distinct impression it was just another self-proclaiming bunch of bullshit from the politicians, with them seeing a chance to make themselves look good. (And in case anyone thinks I've got it in for cameron I don't think for one second Labour would have done any different.

    Let's be honest we were treated like gods for a whole two weeks (which wasn't deserved, but was very nice) - And now we're all scum again to the politicians and the general population. :)

    break glass in the event of war!! ;-)
  5. It's the letter of thanks from David Cameron I'd be more worried about getting!
  6. hookyh

    Am I correct in assuming that you should have been sent one but that it has never arrived?

  7. He's gonna put it next to his bronze medal for the egg and spoon race he got when he was 8.:flower:
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  8. Yeah, along with a shitload of others who haven't received theirs. As a personal thing I don't see it as an affront, nor am I particularly arsed about getting it - HOWEVER I do despise lying politicians and the opportunity to show them up for what they are is something that should ALWAYS be taken when they do lie and cheat! :)
  9. Aaaaaah - You have me! (And clearly know me personally - Lol!) Actually I think you do!! ;-)

  10. ............................and for your information I got Silver!!! ;-)

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