Op Moshtarak Starts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Good link, StixJim - our thoughts will be with them.
  2. Just make sure you're all there for any of the families left over here. The lads will take care of each other.
  3. Thoughts with families, friends and colleagues!

    Good luck!!
  4. All the more reason to help Hols4Heroes out, I fear this may result in a few fresh cases.
  5. Good luck lads , get the job done and come home safely
  6. Agreed. It is sadly a certainty.
  7. If anyone missed it, the page has been updated with some videos and more info.
  8. I'm a bit bemused.

    Was all the the pre-operation press coverage a warning for the enemy to scarper and thus reduce the total casualties


    To pre-warn the enemy to dig in with very good defensive positions? Mind you a bunker buster would soon sort that out once a position was found with hopefully no "cost" .
  9. Looking to minimise collateral damage.
  10. So the baddies are not in effect defeated - just "move along, nothing to see"

    So what stops them from coming back? A hearts and minds operation that actually works?
  11. Partly, also the fact that for once, holding the ground on completion is incorporated into the plan.
  12. I do bl00dy hope so as all this effort for this blinking pipe line from the Caspian sea to Pakistan is taking a lot of "effort".
  13. Let's not forget the deposits of rare metals such as lithium, caesium, tantalum and niobium.
  14. Thoughts with them all.

    Here's hoping for a safe return.
  15. Good luck ♥

    To the lads off my Unit - thinking of you, stay safe xx
  16. As a born again atheist I may not be qualified to say this but: amen to that.
  17. The timeline for the ANA to be able to hold the cleared area without the support of NATO forces is what?

    US Forces kill 12 civilians in a rocket attack.

    Full Story

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