Heard a dit that volunteers have been notified if they're needed or not can anyone shed any lite on that or is it a case of wait and see how many knock backs they get and the rest will get 45 minutes notice!!!!
Apparently the top brass are having meetings at the end of the month, people will be notified first week of July.

There got about fifteen people/billets going, but there will be five or six roulements.

dit from one of our top brass: "it's not if you're going to be used, but when" (22/06/06) and he sees his job to gain full employment for all reservists under his control. So stand by for incoming!!
Logs are pretty much set up for rock and roll, GSSR is getting there, I think, but not sure about the other branches 8O


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Several of us at my unit (including me) have been 'selected' and warned off for Ops.
It has been mentioned where, roughly when and attached to who/what, but i don't think it's right to mention it on her for OPSEC reasons.

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a number of us from my unit have already been told that our names are down for op herrick and that we will all be jumping out of landies firing before we fly out .beats counting blankets i suppose but 6 months at minus 20 doesn't fill me with joy.....

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