OP CORPORATE ? Commemoration June 13 2009

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Goatman_Blue, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Whoosh.......?

  2. How time flies......

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  3. AKA The Falklands War

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  4. In my dads time - you should hear his dits.

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  5. Dont know, dont care.....its not the Stan.....

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  1. Hi guys ,

    had a call from a ex RM who is involved with a small Commemoration service in Chichester on June 13th. Many may already be aware.

    He is keen to have representative from Medical Services .

    If you served on Op Corporate - and particularly if you were there as a medic in whatever capacity - and would be interested in attending please PM me and I will pass further details.


  2. Have you made SAMA 82/Hydra Joe aware of this?
  3. I am a member of SAMA82 and will post this link on the website if that is okay.
  4. Cheers Brigham, I followed your link.

    Goatman, I haven't heard of this. Any further information that I can pass on to the Falkland Veterans via the SAMA website (82) Discussion Board?

    I will post this request on ROMFT.co.uk as there are a few Scab Lifters on there.

    This is the day before Liberation Day - Sunday 14th June - when the Annual Falkands Conflict Memorial service is being held at The Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel at Pangbourne College and ALL Falkand Veterans are invited to attend. No tickets required, no pecking order. Just a request from the Secretary to let her know how many are coming in your party (bring family and friends) for catering purposes for food and beer for the free lunch and drinks afterwards. For any Falkand Vet who has not visited this wonderful place, then this is the time to go. The SAMA Standard and other Standards will be on parade. Details here --> http://www.falklands-chapel.org.uk/notices.php
  5. Hydra -I've PM'd you.

    ....and my stupid error....DELETE Chichester INSERT Christchurch....apologies

    ( I knew a mad Chief sparker called Brigham Young back in the day.....same one ?)

    On reflection I guess 'Brigham' is as common as Shiner Wright or any of the other standard nicknames.....

    Don Cabra
  6. I must admit that I was a mad Chief Sparker, but I have a sneaking feeling the one you are on about was a few years ago. Must be something about the name and branch? :lol:
  7. Easy to tell - he was the PSI at HMS President late 1980s.....took over from CCY Bob Ramm

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