Opération Harmattan Documented In Pictures By The French Ministry of Defence

Discussion in 'International' started by soleil, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. The Ministère de la Défense in Paris has put together a short series of photos illustrating France's Opération Harmattan - its involvement in Libya. I've put up the link because some of the photos are very good.

    Libye : Opération Harmattan
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  2. Thanks Sol. Fantastic pix.
  3. I wonder who the Union Jack badged aircrew was in one of the final photographs, RN or Crab?
    An excellent set of photographs, will we get a British version?
  4. Probably not.... Any guesses from our resident salts what our version might look like?
  5. He's a crab.
  6. We had at least one RN officer on board the Charles de Gaulle:
    U.S. Navy officers (from left) Cmdr. Matthew Hogan, Lt. Philip Hoblet, Lt. Kyle Caldwell, Lt. Mark Proudman of the British Royal Navy and U.S. Navy Lt. Patrick Salmon meet on France's flagship aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, off the coast of Libya on Wednesday.
  7. A very good montage of pics, showing the French and their forces, especially the carrier and associated ops .
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  9. Just as I suspected, the entire Libya campain, was fought entirely by the French. The Picture of the "Crab Pilot & the Lt RN on loan to the Charles De Gaulle are in fact part of their Laundry Crew who got their rig from Bogie Knights on a special discount on his EBay shop. Had put in a bid for the rigs myself, but sadly got outbid by £2.50p. Our Pussers version will show a certain warship displaying Four Seawolf missiles being polished, whilst being counted by the ships Logistical Staff and overseen by the MOD accountants.
  10. Does it cover the bit where they came under fire and their NGS weapon 'broke' leading to an RN ship replacing them on the gun line?
    Apparently the cdr commented on how 'Nelson would have loved it!' :)

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