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Discussion in 'UPO/Careers Office' started by Circus, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. (This might be in the wrong section, I apologise if so)

    Hello all,

    Having recently passed by AIB for X(GS) albeit with a borderline pass, I was wondering what the future might be looking like should I be successful with my entry (unlikely).

    Am I right in saying that you do the Fleet Board whilst still at BRNC? If not is this taken after SFT? I said whilst at BRNC during my interview but now I can't remember. However, my main question is about OOW qualifications and the career path of an X officer post SFT. At my interview for AIB they didn’t really go into much detail to be honest, I was able to describe the career path up to CO (BRNC>IWOF>IWO (NAV)>SFT>IWOC>OOW>Specialise>2-3 jobs specialisation>PWO>Specialise>AAWO/FASW/CEW/SPEC N>XO/Small ship CO>CO) but they stopped me at SFT (I also went into some detail about the three terms at BRNC so by then I think they realised I’d done my research) and also briefly touched on what I’d like to specialise as but then this went off onto a tangent of more Navy knowledge (‘What sort of ship would you be on?’) rather than the job itself.

    So.... fast forwarding a couple of years, on passing IWOC is this the stage where your interest in whichever specialisation you have chosen is considered? Or is this not until after your first OOW job? If I was to join a ship would I presume I would be OOW3? The complement job that you perform, is this relevant to your level as an OOW? If I was to progress to OOW2 would I change my complement title? Also, am I right in saying that OOW1 is always the Signal and Communications Officer? If you get a small ship navigation recommend would you then be expected to go back and do jobs as an OOW on big ships? Do you have to complete the PNO course before you are an OOW or is this just done before navigating a small ship? I think the only complement jobs I know of as an OOW are:

    1. Classified Books Officer
    2. Correspondence Officer
    3. SCO
    4. Gunnery Officer (MM/PP?)

    Are these right? Is it common at any point to skip a job or is there a strict progression that must be followed? I am not looking to cut corners by any means! I take it that there are secondary and tertiary duties such as DO, OOD, Part of Ship officer etc that will also need to done at any level of OOW/rank?

    I read this thread with interest: http://www.navy-net.co.uk/fleet/32486-oow-qualifications.html and I guess although it was written 6 years ago, the progression is roughly the same?

    I apologise if none of the information I want is suitable for a public forum. I appreciate none of the answers I’m looking for are necessary for AIB but it would be good to know if anything.

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  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The complement job is that as a OOW, the 4 jobs you list are the secondary roles. These can be mixed and depend upon the ship, for example in a small ship the OOW is Guns and Corro whilst the Navigator is usually the SCO. In an FF/DD the titles OOW2/3 are mainly administrative hooks used to appoint to, when we came out of refit for example both our OOW2 and 3 had come straight from training and so the titles were purely arbritrary. The OOW1 had done small ship job and the NO had come from a PNO/FNO course.

    Bottom Line is that the titles are very nebulous and what will count is the time served. the list of jobs you have highlihgted are the sorts of additional jobs athat are done, but they don't necessarily match rigidly.
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  3. It depends on the ship regarding titles: some still use SCO/CBO/XO Assistant/Bosun/Int Officer others go for OOW1 - 4. In many ways it doesn't matter apart from what you will be doing when you are off-watch, none are better/worse than the other.OOW1 is traditionally a 'second-job' OOW, but that may simply mean that you are 'moved up in the bed' after 18 months on-board (and after completing PNO). PNO is an adqual needed for Small Ship NO and OOW1, but can be taken by anyone - we have over half our OsOW PNO'd, simply because it's a quick and easy way to get your CQ1 exams done. You can be a FNO without being OOW1 and without doing PNO but I suspect that is a bit hard than it used to be: PNO does set you up nicely for the 'bigger' course, but if necessary you can go straight from PNO to FNO.Having quickly read thru that old thread, it's mainly correct, but fine detail like CQ1 etc has changed. Don't sweat it til you get to sea.
  4. Why o why can't I use paragraphs in my replies? Mods? Any ideas?
  5. Thanks very much for the replies. I guess even at this stage it isn't really anything to worry about, I was just curious more than anything. Lots to do between now and OOW time! Thanks again.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Start stocking up on your Oxford shirts, cable-knit sweaters, red jumbo cords and brogues. That's what you'll be wearing for the rest of your naval career...
  7. I don't think any of that would suit me. Red trousers!!
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Then your career is over before it starts.
  9. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Red cords? Thats very Household Division. Chinos and Crew/Boden - that's what your well dressed OOW is wearing nowadays.

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