Well - you did ask! After leaving the mob, I was working on the Forties oilfield off Aberdeen on one of the production platforms. We slept in bunks in 6 man cabins, and my bunk was one of the top ones. I was woken up one night by a bright light coming from the bunk below me, and looking down to see what it was, I saw a large man with red hair and a big red beard asleep. Knowing that the bunk should have been occupied by an oppo of mine, I challenged him as to why he was in it instead. I don't remember him replying, and must have gone back to sleep myself. In the morning I remembered what had happened, but put it down to a dream, as the correct occupant (my oppo) was in the bunk.
I never related this dream to anyone, but a few months later, during a discussion on ghosts etc, another guy from our bunkspace told exactly the same story as I had experienced. It was only then that I related my experience, and the two stories matched exactly!
Subsequently, this story did the rounds of the platform, and it came to light that during construction of the accommodation modules, a worker had been killed. Guess what? He apparantly had red hair and a big red beard!
On the Kiddies Ward in Haslar there was a side room.In the room when it was empty it had a teddy bear on the bed.If the Bear was removed then a crying child was to be heard in the small hours.When i was on nights on C6 i am sure i heard it.On questioning some staff the room was indeed empty and minus the teddy!Also when the Crosslink was being built they uncovered loads of skeletons from the Peninsular War era.Soon after all manner of things occurred untill the site was prayed over by several Padres.
The white suited matelot doubling to the Shotley swimming baths who was panting and his boots could be heard on the tarmac, dusk in 2002. He ran straight through the padlocked doors to the baths. Until he passed through the doors I could have sworn he was a real person! Having said this, I did the York ghost tour a few decades ago and felt, heard and witnessed nothing, so I might have been starting with dementia in 2002! :(
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