ooooooo RT test tomorrow!

Taking my recruitment test tomorrow, I'm positive I'll pass but I can't help feeling nervous. Hopefully a night out on the piss to celebrate as well, tomorrows shaping up to be potentially cracking start to the weekend.
Thanks. Initially was going for WS SM but I think I'll go for GS first. Only chose SM as it has a shorter waiting period but I think the wait will be worth it for GS.
Good luck mate, i am out in Manchester tomorrow night, that's where the proper milf's are, let us know how you get on, just remember if you have practiced then the questions won't be the problem, the time passing by will be.

Good luck.
Cheers mate, get yourself up to Glasgow for a night out! Although most milf's are in their late teens haha. Yeah took a lot of tests etc I'm thinking numeracy will be the most tricky but I suppose if you can't do basic numeracy you shouldn't be in the RN.
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