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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trehorn, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. You do know that if you try to discuss this topic on here you will have the "Your a racist" tag on you quicker than jack shit and then be swamped with the intellectual brigade with there oh I'm so in the know and at the hub, blah blah blah.
    Any kind of opinion that does not fit the PC brigades "thou shalt" format is strictly taboo.
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  2. How dare you - you racist:eek:ccasion5:
  3. Taking the bull by the horns:-

    If any christian church spent as much time floggin the Were offended chestnut as I have heard from Islamic sources over the last few years, then I'm afraid I would be tempted to be quite vocular about what I thought of them, their thoughts and their feelings, and would probably meet less flak from Christians in their defence than if I criticised Muslims.
    It seems to be in vogue in some quarters to do this, whereas they would not bite if it were an attack on lets say Catholicism.
    There's one or two on RR I have oft times suspected of being of that faith so vehemently do they strike. And often.
  4. Or in other words, any opinion that is anything other than 'PC wankspeak'! :read2:
  5. Actually I am a racist and if the truth is known so is half the population of Britain in one way or another.
    Its OK on here to attack a froggy or a Kraut but voice an opinion that stretches any further east than eastern Spain then oh dear you've gone to far.
    There are good and bad in all nations it's true, but when an individual has transgressed and abused the privileges granted them when entering UK, then we we're promised years ago that they would be deported. This has never transpired except in a few high profile cases.
    No I do not propose a policy of enforced repatriation for those born here as besides being impractical, impossible, it's ridiculous, I do back a policy of deportation for the Johnny come lately for the crimes we see committed nowadays.
    Murder Rape, fraud, repeated burglary drugs, then BYE BYE.
    None of above based on colour religion or politics just law.
    And speech or the freedom thereof is a basic human right, so how come we are being deprived of it, not just about immigrants but a whole host of other subjects.
    We always have had laws that protect us from abusive behaviour so why make laws on specific issues like Race religion etc. Is it because we do want to speak out and the government cannot or will not accommodate what we might ask for.
  6. And my definition of being Racist means there are certainly races that overall I am not too endeared of.
  7. Not outraged by your outrage at my outrage at all.
    Just don't like being Mind controlled.
    Suppose you're going to tell me to like John Fuckin lennon as well.
    Dave Chapman only just beat me to it.
  8. I do hope you see the irony in your post when you then refer to the "PC brigade".
  9. Not worth it ... you said he was going to be home by 17:30!
  10. I am not being Ironic just Honest.
    Time and again people on here post about the Americans and the detrimental things they see in that nation.
    If it were to be done about certain other countries religions etc then the balloon goes up.
    I'll accept that life is full of irony and I am by no means exempt of falling foul of it.
    When any person expresses a point of view, it is valid, if it is based on there own beliefs.
    It does not give them the right to force it on anyone else, or condemn them for having an alternate outlook.
    As long as they express it in a constructive and inoffensive way in a sensible debate or protest they are entitled to hold it.
    I have never advocated personal abuse to the individual about creed colour etc as to do so would be petty to say the least.
    I hold views as do most and feel as much right to air them as anyone opposed to my viewpoint.
    This does not make me a fascist.
    And anyone who loves every nation on this planet and what they stand for is either God Allah or John Lennon.
  11. And as a foot note, I am as opposed to Christians bleating about mans disrespect for god as I am a Muslim.
    It's just the latter seem to be doing more of it at present and attacking a comic over it does seem a tad ott to me.
    The fuckin Jo bo's start and we'll all be fucked.
  12. He could of course be a Muslim so the latter bit would be un PC.
  13. That's just dandy, however:
    So you have a quick complain about the pinning of labels regarding one point of view, but you then do exactly that for those who may oppose:

    Manking about something then doing exactly that hardly helps your point.
  14. Splitting hairs ain't we,
    You know as well as me that if anyone attacks a Muslim on here many including yourself jump like trained fleas to their defence. Not so the Christian point though.
    Now go back over my post and point out where I actually attack Muslims as that's what this is about.
    I don't give a flying **** one way or another about religion home or away so do not hold a pointed view.
    I do however have the ability to observe the usual way this topic plays out and was merely attempting to advise the OP that it was not a highly debatable subject on RR without war breaking out and hey fuckin Ho seems I was right.
  15. :happy1: Ooooooh! Popcorn anyone????????????
  16. Don't need it mate I ain't spending my day arguing about a subject I don't give a rats arse over east west or fuckin central.
    Their all God?Allah squad to me and its all fuckin mambo jumbo to me no matter what language they chant it in.
    And we was not discussing Muslim as a race so that chestnut ain't in the fire either.
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  17. Before you soil yourself, I'll put it into simple terms: You had a little wee about anyone debating the negative aspects of Islam being called a racist, blah, blah, blah.

    You then decided that anyone deciding to join the debate from the other side must be a member of the "PC Brigade / intellectual I know more, blah, blah brigade".

    So to summarise. You complain about one sweeping generalisation and then go and make one yourself.

    To clarify my stance on religion, it is all a load of shite. All of it.
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  18. :thumleft: Right on Bro!

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