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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by jesse650, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. All the adults (ha! :lol: ) have them.....The logs branch has just had it's first all ranks/rates Mess Dinner and I was wondering as it was a success will the other RNR branches follow suit 8)

    ps. cracking night :D :D My first mess dinner
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Comms had some in the past and then evolved into C4ISR dinners - however, I'm not sure what the future holds with the migration to CIS and GSSR. As you say, cracking nights (followed by thumping heads usually!).
  3. SM dinners in President ok, but a bit low key. Perhaps if we had ratings in the "Branch" they would get better.
  4. I bet you didnt go short of anything over the night did you.. :twisted: :twisted: .!!!
  5. not hardly mate, although some of the orrificers did get lost and befuddled :lol:
  6. When people started getting fined for leaving the table, bad driving, bad directions and so on There were a few nervous people!

    And the exploding candle, well just didnt see that one coming!

    But we never got the youngest person to do anything, Isn't it tradition they have to say a prayer/toast?
  7. Branch mess dinners aren't that new - AWNIS had one back in 2001.
  8. ok, ok, I stand humbly corrected on this one, there have been others in the past, I just wasn't aware of them...wasn't even in, in 2001 lurch . But they are a damn fine idea...... float them up your div channels ladies and only cost us a fiver each for a good meal some wine and a good crack with enough time left over afterwards for those who wanted to either go out or stay in and get completely trollied to do so.

    Not going to say anything about Cinderella leave :evil:
  9. Slightly off thread, but I've been trying for to get some interest in arranging a 'regional' mess dinner/summer ball, but don't seem to be getting anywhere, (seems that some individual mess commitees are against the idea, prefering to organise their own and end up cancelling/losing money due to lack of interest). I'm not suggesting that my unit should host said dinner, but it could be arranged as a regional commitee or by the host unit commitee, and rotated on a yearly basis. what do we reckon? (i'm in the south west region by the way).

  10. I would definately attend any national Ball/mess dinners. I believe Vivid had a bounty ball, maybe we could do something similar but open it up to everyone?
  11. i would be up for that. more fun , less bs :p .
  12. Clucking bell! An AWNIS Dinner? the mind boggles I bet it was realy interesting!
  13. why just mess dinners i used to arrange w/e's for up to 50 matelots in Stranraer open to all units for everyone to meet up and let there hair down. There where no rates or ranks, all branches represented, no-one got paid for it they paid for everything themselves. People from President, Caroline, Dragon, Graham, Eaglet all came. Excellent craic, lasted for three years then with the demise of MCM10 petered out. i for one would be game for a laugh again
  14. Right I've made a descision! ( bloody 'ell haven't seen one of those for a while!! :twisted: )

    I'll try and pigeonhole the regional SO1(SouthWest) this week and get his attention on this......if we could get some "good" NGT training in on a Saturday followed by an "informal" all ranks/rates mess dinner we'd be on a winner.
    All could travel under pusser pay chit, get paid for it AND have a good craic/crack on the Saturday evening followed by run ashore (if required)
    Sunday Morning debrief on the previous days training and FE's/SO1's input, possibly dit from Commodore, clean ship and away.
    Dependant on evolution attempted start on Fri evening with briefs and start of exercise/evolution.
    Accomodation not really an issue as proven by last Logs W/e where class rooms and such like were used with campbeds.

    all those who would endorse that (and from the southwest group) if you could PM me with your unit name (and your real moniker) I'd be grateful to see just how much support this would gain.
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    So is Fox allowing people to sleep over again now? A few years ago, the RNSO was paranoid about insurance and forbade people sleeping anywhere within the unit, including under canvas outside!
  16. MW have been having them for years, (for SR's & Officers). One year it was held on Victory, followed by the gatecrashing of a Medical Branch Dinner at KA the same evening, now the stuff of legend within the Branch. Recent years have not lived up to the same levels of mischief!!!
  17. There is a tri-service orificers ball in Jockland each year.

    Pongo-baiting anyone?
  18. Think it might be the same one maty and no at he mo still same policy.....but new c/o with us on the w/e mentioned and saw what was possible with a little wait one on that one

    yes I know......but ALL RANKS/'s much more fun :lol:

    sounds like that one kinda could get abit messy mate :D :D
  19. Why dont the powers to be try inviting junior rates as well then, or is our conversation likely to be below standard...Yes as per usual SR's and Officers only, lets face it the world revolves around senior rates and officers..where would we be without them...!! :twisted: .... and its them that make the difference at the coal face and win all the battles isnt it!!!

    If there's one thing that pisses me of is branch eliteism...if youre not prepared to invite everyone in a branch then its not a branch dinner is it...its a private function for the select few!!!
  20. Because there are no JR's in the MW branch!

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