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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Red_man, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Out of interest how intouch with jack and jenny do people think the navy top brass are. Been reading up news stories and it seems to me they spend their time desperately trying to make the navy more P.C and arguing over who's going to cough up for new ships. Maybe i'm totally wrong though and everybody finds them inspiring leaders
  2. Hello Norman! :tp:
  3. A bit dull maybe. i'm new

    check out this thread please Thingy............ see Ninja words of wisdom.
  5. The way I see it is this.
    Can you remember being 7? I mean, apart from fleeting memories.
    That, to me, is how our Top Brass must feel trying to remember being
    A: ON a ship in any capacity other than in charge .
    B: Doing jobs around the ship in other departments.

    I don't blame them for it, its natural.
    But to me it means that they are totally distanced from the matelots on ships doing the job.

    Also, think Chinese whispers.
    They go onboard a ship and ask the Captain "Hows Morale"?
    What do YOU honestly think the answer will be after it has built up all the way from the lads down the messes via every single stage of management?
    Again, I don't think anyone is to blame, there is a lack of direct communication between those at the top and those further down (and those "quiet fireside chats" with either ComwhateverFlot OR the Warrant he sends are a waste of everyone's time), and with good reason too otherwise just imagine the piles of crap he would need to wade through daily :)
  6. no not dull,,,,,,,,, you should see the cr*p i post... you will soon get used to the wierd and wonderfull world that is Rum Ration !!
  7. Thanks for that JC. Apologies Red Man. Welcome onboard this enormous pusser's war canoe. If you want to become an Admiral straight from being an AB send me a brown envelope stuffed with the usual MPs loose change (ie £103K) and the title's yours. ;)

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