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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. god im soooo bored i have given in to takeng my sister out shoppping,,
    :evil: :shock: :cry: :evil: :shock: :neutral:

    whats is the worst thing you have done when your bored??!!!!
  2. Started Smoking (I was REALLY bored)
  3. Sorting my CDs into alphabetical order.

    It didn't last long!
  4. Reading a hundred and thirty odd pages of posts about the Legion of Frontiersmen on ARSSE.


  5. I was so bored once I went to have a look in the window of the navy careers office.......... oops!
  6. Lingy
    As doctor Johnson said "When a man is bored with the Nana Plaza he is bored with Life".
    Well it might have been London but a little poetic license never hurt anyone. Throw me another mamasan this ones full.
  7. I joined the St Budeaux Working Mens Club , you have to be bored to go in there , :???: :wink:
  8. Blimey, is that like the Carooooooosel ?
  9. Worse , :roll: , But I'll still be in there tonight after I finish work , fxxxxxxxxg sad or what , :sad:
  10. Any port in a storm dondon, any port ;)
  11. I suppose so !!!!!!!!!!!! :???:
  12. I once painted my garden shed, and spent the afternoon warching it dry!!!! :???: :???: :???:
  13. My mates a gynecologist, got bored last weekend so papered his halls stars and landing through his letterbox!
  14. I read Richard Dawkins anti-religious book - what utter rubbish... talk about stereotyping theists and poor, unacademic, subjective "reasoning". I gave up and went to sleep instead: much more productive!!! :twisted:
  15. Tried to be more adventurous in bed but got my head stuck. Should have read a book!
  16. Did you get cauliflower ears?
  17. No, but I chipped a tooth with the crowbar!

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