oooh noooo!!!


War Hero
god im soooo bored i have given in to takeng my sister out shoppping,,
:evil: :shock: :cry: :evil: :shock: :neutral:

whats is the worst thing you have done when your bored??!!!!


War Hero
Reading a hundred and thirty odd pages of posts about the Legion of Frontiersmen on ARSSE.




War Hero
As doctor Johnson said "When a man is bored with the Nana Plaza he is bored with Life".
Well it might have been London but a little poetic license never hurt anyone. Throw me another mamasan this ones full.


War Hero
My mates a gynecologist, got bored last weekend so papered his halls stars and landing through his letterbox!
I read Richard Dawkins anti-religious book - what utter rubbish... talk about stereotyping theists and poor, unacademic, subjective "reasoning". I gave up and went to sleep instead: much more productive!!! :twisted:
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