Oooh, look out, Rock 'n' Roll!


War Hero
How sad is this.

A tour manager for a (crap) heavy metal sued for damages after an article said he was found masturbating at his desk.

Rock manager wins 'sex act' case

"What's being said is that when he should have been at work, he engaged in activity which was lewd, sexual and, effectively, he could not control his sexual impulses," Mr McCormic said.

Obviously never been onboard one of our ships then..... :twisted:
£40,000 a go? I bet he can sell his story for about the same. I reckon he's on to something here. Seems he's better of managing a w*nk than a band of w*nkers.


War Hero
I see in the article he says-quote-"I'm very relieved (!) it's all over" over what?..the desk?..or am i reading that wrong? :mrgreen: :shock:
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