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Ooh Scary!


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Does anyone else find the idea of the Government sending leaflets out to parents warning them that they have to control bad behaviour by their offspring a bit "lame"?

Add to that the fact that Ed Balls (Balls by name Balls by policy!) is threatening schools if they don't toughen up and deal with indiscipline in schools, which is a total joke (and in very bad taste)

If the Government wasn't such a mamby pamby bunch of wasters, who wouldn't know how to control ill discipline if it hit them in the face, it might be seen as a reasonable add-on to a proper civil obedience policy but this load of tossers just haven't got a clue.

How scary is it sending out millions of leaflets? And how effective do you think it is going to be?


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It will give a boost to recycling centres. If parents can't be bothered to control their little mutants, a scrap of paper through the post won't make any difference and probably alienate the vast majority who exercise parental responsibility or control, whatever you want to call it
Discipline is surely the responsibility of the parents, or for train enthusiasts like the PO Stoker: the Loco-parentis.


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broadside said:
How scary is it sending out millions of leaflets? And how effective do you think it is going to be?

Anout as effective as the millions of Pizza leaflets I get through the door each week, straight in the bin. I didn't buy your pizza last week I won't buy it this week get the message!!!


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We all know what should be done, but likewise, we all know what won't be done.
Political correctness is the root cause, you can not convince me otherwise.

Funny how when there were consequences to follow bad behaviour it was a much better society.
Corporal punishment does not work we are told. The recipients grow up violent. What a joke lies in that statement, how could society be more violent.
I was subject to corporal punishment both at home and school and never once when attaining adulthood did I crave to wrought vengeance and payback on those who administered it. On the contrary, I had an excellent home life with loving parents ,and have, on occasion, whilst on leave gone back to my old school and had lunch with ex masters and mistresses.
Stricter punishments would fill prisons to capacity and beyond initially, but once the message had gone down the line, they would soon empty as the scrotes got the message.
I have a nephew in prison, a cowardly little scrote who had he have been subject to rule and punishment ,would in likely hood not transgressed, as he is by nature a snivelling little excuse. Now he's banged up what a difference, its frightened him sick.
Who could in all honesty fears the punishments handed out in courts, when even for most murders the sentence seldom exceeds 9 years confinement of a life sentence.
The prosecution rests my lord. 8O :twisted:


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broadside said:
And how effective do you think it is going to be?

About as effective as an ASBO. The parents that already control their children will continue to do so, the parents that don't are probably unable to read the leaflet in the first place, and if they can it's unlikely to make any difference to them.
Having been a lone parent in the past and son being bullied at school by all kinds of filth hence resulting in school absence, and trying to keep a job down and pay a mortgage the govt helped me with my problem.

If your son has more time of school you will be taken to court and fined a max total of one thousand pounds..

Thank you for your cooperation. Mr A. ********
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