Onyx 1975-1980

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Scroatbag, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Greetings Submariners, I've just joined Rum Ration and would like to add this.

    These are some of the shipmates I remember from my time on Onyx 1975 - 1980. Please feel free to comment/add any others for this period. I was fortunate that during my time in boats never to have served on a "bad" one but I will say that Onyx was definitely top of the pile, happy memories indeed.

    Skippers - LtCdr "Tricky Dicky" Jones (Aussie). LtCdr Gavin Lane. LtCdr Charley Tibbits.
    Jimmies - Lt Harry Keys. Lt Mike Williams.
    Others - S/Lt White (Torps, made Captain. I heard he topped himself!!). Lt Andy South (Elec). Lt Cock (Elec). Lt Dave Jones (Elec). Lt Dave Crane (Elec). Lt John Bartlett (Eng). Lt Happy Day (Nav). Lt Adam Peters (Nav??). Lt Sandy Powell (Sonix) ??

    Senior Rats.
    Me (Polycell & Cholycell). Sid Sibley (L Mech). Bob ???? (CEA). Les Smith (CEA). Charlie Flux (Polto). Dave Stokes (Polto & ChElec). John Legge (R Mech). Ken ???? (R Mech). Barry Russell (OA). Oscar Wilde (UC1). Colin Shickell (UC1). Gus Gardiner (CHOPS). Knocker White (LUW & TI). Dougy Richards (LUW & TI). Andy Bruce (LUW & TI). Scotty Russell (RS). John Sanderson (CRS - Wolf Pack Leader). Bill Leonard (CERA). Bob Stewart (CERA). George Little (Donk Shop Horse). Jim Parks (ERA). Jock (the Bottle) Patterson (ERA). Harry Harrison (ERA). Ike Bamford (Wrecker). Brigham Young (Wrecker - he firkin wrecked my hotel room door in Bremerhaven, I got blamed and had to pay to repair out of my subbies. Some Wrecker eh!). Dusty Miller (Wrecker). Bob Friend (SPO). Robbie Burns (SPO & Chief Poker). Wendy Weekes (Grocer). Mac (Famine) Hubner (Grocer). ???? Smith?? (Grocer - big, swarthy skinned guy??).

    Junior Rats.
    Aggie Weston (Killick UC). Lofty Mellor (UC). George Heron (UC). George???Heppell (UC?) Dustbin Dunn (RP). Jan "Desmond Valentine" Trenoweth (EM). Jock (Evil) Timmins (EM). Kev PugH (LWEM). Sticky Leach (WEM). Ian Thornton (LRO). Paul Fishwick (LMEM). Chris Parrish (LWEM). Jed Stone (LMEM). Pete Stokes (LRP). Mawbs Mawby (RO). Mark Lydon (UC).

    Have recently heard that Andy Bruce and Tiny Little have crossed the bar. Very sad indeed. I often roomed with Tiny on Jollies and could certainly spin some dits about that !!!!!!!!

    The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body The female initiates sex by ripping the males head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the....")
  2. Was cea les smith a little bloke with a full set, lived on the pile?
  3. Very similar thoughts about Cachalot in the late 60's. Absolutely brilliant times.
  4. I think you're right about S/Lt white, he was Captain SM2 for a while.
  5. Yes. He's a Pompey Native. Left Onyx to go on his Knife and Fork Course. After I left Onyx I had about six months inboard in the SM1 Control Workshop then joined Orpheus in Greenock refit. Les was the S/Lt WEO. He finished up a LtCdr in either CWTA and/or ARE Portland. After I left the Pusser in late 1992, I worked for Babcock as a Project Weapons Manager in Rosyth. Les used to come up with his team for Trials (and let me buy all the beer!!!!!).
  6. My boss on the Walrus was a CEA Les Smith, as I said a little bloke neatlly trimmed set, I left the Walrus late '77 Les had a domestic and left mid '77, if its the same one he was a cracking bloke
  7. Greetings Sharkey, yes same Guy. I was in a similar sitch to Les. I joined Orpheus not long after my own domestic!! Funnily enough there was quite a few of our Senior rats in similar straits but being a civvy shipyard we had oodles of LA and Subsistence and oh my word, the place was full of available clacker...............
    Towards the end of refit or early in the commission, Les got back with his Ex and last I heard was still living in Waterlooville.
  8. Don't mind buying the beer. Am certainly not a Fifer. Have never showered once a week and never will, tis far too often and a waste of natures precious resources.
  9. It's a proven fact that showering too often destroys the natural oils in your skin, OX 30 is an acceptable substitute however.
  10. Agree entirely. Even as a Greeny, I'd always volunteer to assist the Outside Staff with an Hydraulic burst!
  11. As a greenie wrecker (a FLUNOB thing) I was always getting a good dose of it anyway. I used to work on the theory that if it was in the pipes it was ours, if it was outside it was the dabbers.
  12. Hydraulic burst, we hit the roof, I go in to mop up, bit of roughers so we're rolling about, I'm sliding from one side of the grot to the other clutching a bucket and rag, covered in the stuff, it still holds a special place in my heart
  13. yep. in gib apparently when he was commodore gib forces.

    mad as a box of frogs when captain sm2
  14. ...and hello from 'Uncle' Bob.

    (After your time on her but I was among those welcome-homers at Blockhouse when the ONYX, finally - another dit another time, berthed after returning from Corporate. IIRC Frenchy Moinet was one of the cheer-leaders. Not quite the same publicity fanfare as some of the skimmers received but a cracking shampoo reception anyway.)

    Several names are familiar but have you joined the Submariners Association? If not then try an all round look at the Association's website at Submariners Association as you may well find a few of those whom you've named there.

    The SA's B-in-F Branch seems to have the most active Website at Barrow Submariners Association and you'll find a good set of forums there, too.

    I'll tote your list around locally and update you in slow time if there's any news of those peeps you've listed.

    Meanwhile Get a bit of background reading in by scanning the rest of the Submariner's Threads here. Plenty of the usual S/M dits but many of the names/places have been changed to protect the innocent...:wink:
  15. Well at least you got over the flu, keep working on the other.

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