Only surviving Swordfish pilot: "Sinking the Bismarck"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. HIS CREW 8) 8) Moffatt, JWC Sub Lt (A) RNVR
    Miller, JD Sub Lt (A) RNVR
    Hayman, AJ L/A
  2. What a player! A Swordfish versus the most modern battleship, very much David and Goliath.
  3. Just for Info 8)
    The strike against the Bismarck was flown in two waves and associated sub-flights, the first wave was led by 818 squadron and the second by 810 squadron.


    First wave (818 squadron)
    Coode, TP Lt Cdr RN (CO 818 squadron)
    Carver, ES Lt RN
    Dillnutt, WH P/O

    Dixon-Child, WS Sub Lt (A) RNVR
    Penrose, GRC Sub Lt (A) RN
    Blake, RHW L/A

    Moffatt, JWC Sub Lt (A) RNVR
    Miller, JD Sub Lt (A) RNVR
    Hayman, AJ L/A
    Godfrey-Faussett, DF Lt RN
    Royall, LA Sub Lt(A) RN
    Graham, VR A/P/O

    Pattisson, KS Sub Lt (A) RN
    Meadway, PB Sub Lt (A) RN
    Mulloy, DL N/A

    Beale, AWD Sub Lt RN
    Friend, C Sub Lt (A) RN
    Pimlott, K L/A

    Keane, S Lt (A) RN
    Goddard, RIW Sub Lt RN
    Mulliner, LC P/O

    Jewell, CM Sub Lt (A) RN
    Parkinson, GH L/A

    Second wave (810 squadron)

    Hunter, H deG Lt RN
    Stewart-Moore, JA Lt Cdr RN (CO 810 squadron)
    McColl, RH P/O

    Lithgow, MJ Sub Lt (A) RN
    Cooper, NCM Sub Lt (A) RNVR
    Russell, J L/A

    Swanton, FA Sub Lt (A) RN
    Woods, GA Sub Lt RNVR
    Seager, JR L/A

    Owen-Smith, ASL Lt (A) RN
    Topham, GG Sub Lt (A)
    Watson, J P/O

    Gardner, J Sub Lt (A) RN
    Longmuir, JB Sub Lt RNVR
    Willcocks, MF Sub Lt (A) RN
    Mays, HG Sub Lt (A) RN
    Finney, R L/A

    Dixon, AN Sub Lt (A) RNVR
    Turner, JF Sub Lt RNVR
    Shields, ATA L/A
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think he's missed out the sea state in which he had to take off and land.

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