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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Greendeath, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. A husband said to his wife:

    "Do you want to see my clock?"

    "Er yes." She replied curiously.

    The man unzipped his trousers and pulled his penis out.

    "That's not a clock!" His wife stated.

    The husband smiled and said: "If you put two hands and your face on, it soon will be!!!" :D


  2. 15 Sailors captured by Iran, 1 of them was female, who do you think was navigating?

    You guessed it. The officer!
  3. it has come to light that 14 of the sailors captured by Iranian forces were innocent, it was the wrens arse that strayed into Iranian waters!
  4. Just been sacked from the wine and spirit counter at ASDA's, a Pole came in and asked for a good port, I told him Dover!
  5. 3 women sat in a cafe, 1st one says "I'm having a boob job", 2nd one says "I'm having my ******** bleached" 3rd one says "I can't imagine your husband with blond hair"!
  6. What does an untrue blonde and a crashed airplane have in common?

    They both have BLACK boxes! :lol:



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