Only in America.


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Gee just think of all the fun the Airport Security types will have now when a geriatric tourist from Miami decides to take his gun with him...can you say "tasered sucker" see how long their tickers last......Lol

Only in the States can you get these stories, it's all Hollywood.... :rendeer:
Judging by the length or lack of, the barrel, it'll be accurate to about 5 ft.

Story on the local TV last night, new guy in town opened a late night store. Two blacks entered waved their pistols around looking "cool".

Owner pulls out his gun and starts blasting.........******* run off but a K9 follows the blood scent and gets em.

They'll never learn


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Back in '81 (Hermes at Mayport, 826 NAS detached to NAS Jax) accompanied by the wife was identified as speeding on the airbase a "policeman" jumped from behind a stationary vehicle - held his arm out in front of his body with a gun pointed at my car, when I stopped he informed me "I radared you at 50 this is a 20mph zone", wife sh*tting herself "yes officer, sorry officer" etc. anyway "to cut a long story short nothing came of it", but no more speeding for for the next couple of weeks we were touring - 50 mph is so................. boring.


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No good at all for my mum - she has very arthritic thumbs and couldn't fire the thing even if she worked out which way to hold it!