Only in America...

The worst part of this, is that you just know the freaky faithful are rushing to get theirs.
It's actualy not a new concept. Some southwest Indian tribes had "Star Blankets", that were thought to give protection from all manner of harm.
The faithful won't let them near anything remotely as sinful as a NAKED flame! And should they go up in flames, the faithful will attribute it to God's Will. That's Faith and moral certainty for you.
We believe in One God – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

says it all really do they understand the trinity?
So "TEDDY" has now hit the landfill after all these years.

To be replaced by ST GEORGE jammies!! That should get the PC BRIGADE running to the court of human shites. Or is that just a European thing???


War Hero
Backpacker1uk wrote: To be replaced by ST GEORGE jammies!!

Now that's a good idea. Could be a real winner next time England are playing in a major competition. Where do I get shares?

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