Only do 2 1/2 Years on a Boat?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by tanter, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. I heard from someone the other day that Submariners only do 2 1/2 years on a boat, then they get put on the surface. I don't know whether to take this as truth or as a fabrication. So my questions are this:

    1/ After Two and a half years, do Submariners get sent to the surface

    2/ If yes, then for how long?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Someones telling you porkies, think about the time and effort put into your training pusser will want a good return on that
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  3. Thought so, but now I have confirmation on that.
  4. Depends on how long it takes to charge up the batteries.
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  5. Load of old tosh mate, i have been a Submariner since 1997.
  6. Used to be, after five years in boats (I think) you could voluntary return to GS, but never knew anyone who did. Only way back to GS would be to get kicked out of boats. Perhaps the two and half years refers to time on one boat, but again, I've know folks spend longer than that on same boat.
  7. I think the only way out of boats really is medical. Although to be honest some branches at the moment its very hard to volunteer for boats as well.
  8. You may be getting confused with Logistics Officers. The only LO's onboard are Lt's, so they (normally) do one submarine draft and then go GS, otherwise they'd never get to Lt Cdr or above. I believe the 5 year rule is still in force i.e. have to do 5 yrs SM service before you're eligible to be considered for the surface world for all other branches.
  9. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Wrecker, we had one on a frigate and as you say no more promotion on a boat but he kept his "scally" pay. A greengrocer in them there days.
  10. Would it be wise to go back to skimmers ?, stoker on the Forth had the shit ripped out of him at every opportunity by spare crew after he ditched boats.
  11. Explain? How did Spare crew have anything to do with him if he had returned to Gens?
  12. Loggie officers don't have a choice. One of the best LO's I've served with went back to carry on his career progression, unfortunately this was 1982 and he never came back from down south.

    RIP Lt Cdr Banfield RN.
  13. LARGE spare crew mess on Forth.
  14. OK still don't get it. You left boats and went inboard and back to Gens. So why where the spare crew people giving you jip?
  15. I think he means they were giving grief for selling his soul and returning to the dark side as a non-handler (in a bantering type way)
  16. True, not just spare crew, the boats alongside lived in Terror but duty men and blokes doing essential maintenance outside trop routine were victualled on Forth. And I did'nt say it was me Poly.
  17. 1. Not a chance
    2. I know people that have been on the same boat for 7/8/9/10 years
  18. K block in Terror, remember it well.

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