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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by andym, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. I am in the process of exploring the possibilty of an online Uckers Tournament.but before i go any further i need to see how much interest there is.So,whos up for a bit of online Uckers???
  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Will it have a chat room where we can accuse each other of timber shifting?, and how will it represent the ultimate uckers teddy throwing - upending the board?
  3. Its still in the experimental stage,but you never know.The game thats available at present isnt a "live" game in real time but i think with a bit of jiggerypokery it might be made so.
  4. Sounds like a great idea, but it's been years since I played. Wouldn't know a mixiblob these days if it jumped out and bit me. Can we have some coaching? :)
  5. I would be interested.. initially watching so I could learn to play properly!
  6. Can we have a 'virtual' up board available as well.
  7. Definitely, as long as we know whose rules! SM, FAA, Greenies, Clankies etc etc

    And as long as any SIX THROWING BSTARDS get banned for life!!!

    Believe it or not, Uckers seems to be a dying sport these days - too many messdeck DVDs around. Just ask the Offended Bish from HMS MANCHESTER! :wink:
  8. We need a National Uckers Championship!
  9. Surface Fleet, WAFU or submariner rules?
  10. Thats me out then :cry: :wink:
    I'm in Andy, let me know when. Oh and i play Waffu rules.......................... :twisted:
  11. Submariner roooooooooooooooooles

    It wud have to be pretty good graphics AND who throws the dice ?????
    or is it a digital thing .

    Talking of the old messdeck games whatabout crib ??and dominoes??
  12. How would you play freckles online?
  13. What about Soggy Biscuits?
  14. Great idea. It would need someone who is particularly clever with computers and websites.

    A virtual board would be best because we would never believe the scores people get if we can't see the dice. It would always be sixes and double sixes.

  15. Ling wrote,
    Answer. :lol: Carefully, wearing goggles and an oilskin :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Imagine the mess 'freckles' would make of your keyboard and desktop though. :)
  17. interested in the uckers, but not sure real time will work at sea. None real time would take a while so I may have to wait till we hit Pompey and I can get on the PC at home.
    Surface rules - No Wafu suck backs or Blow backs please
  18. The PO Stoker tried to teach me ukkers, but I am afraid it was all a bit above me. Therefore please put me out of my misery, what the hell are freckles and soggy biscuits in the ukkers context? And the difference in the rules between submariners, WAFUs and surface? Or should I not bother because I am a girl and I should keep myself to the kitchen sink?
  19. Kitchen sink I'm afraid love.

    How about on line euckher?? That would be a good one lol
  20. I am in

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