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I found this it might work if we get a mass signing as it goes to Bliar & hopefully he might take notice.

The MoD is planning to mothball almost half the Navy's 44 warships to cut costs. This money has been wasted, amongst other things, on a war in Iraq we can never win and that should never have been started. The government misled the public and the house to justify it and now we are paying a heavy price. The RN frigates are among the most potent weapons we have. When this is done who will be left to stop illegal immigrants from landing on our shores? Who will seek out and capture drug runners? Who will retake the Falklands when Argentina decides to invade again? As it is we already have 13 warships it would take 18 months to get into action. Act now and sign this petition, for these decisions have almost certainly already been taken. Support the Navy, once these ships are scrapped or sold we will never replace them. Britannia will no longer rule the waves.

Save The Navy


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Re: Online Petition

That's more like it!!

I've done it now go tell everyone to do the same.

Emailing it to all my family and friends!!


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Re: Online Petition

More than willing to stand up and be counted! Done it! come on the rest of you, don't let the doubters put you off - if this is all you do at least you've done something

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Re: Online Petition

I'm on there. Let's hope someone in authority watches it grow until their sphincter starts twitching.

I'm going to have a good look round that site, as there's plenty more to protest about.


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Re: Online Petition

Consider me added. :)

Post it over at arrse. They have greater numbers there and are usually drunk enough to sign anything! :p
Re: Online Petition

chockhead819 said:
I found this it might work if we get a mass signing as it goes to ******* Bliar & hopefully he might take notice.
I'm in but we've got one o' them too:

Ours has been running for a while. We know that Blurrr was not aware of it at all, long after it started.

I'm not sure that online petitions work beyond making us think we're doing something.

What is far more effective is separately writing to your MP.... not a prewritten template but an individually worded letter. In most cases they have to respond when they get inundated.... and they can ask questions and demand answers.


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Re: Online Petition

I have signed the petition and also took the opportunity to e-mail the Prime minister from the link supplied within the petitions website, this is what I wrote:

I was going to ask the Prime Minister what plans are actually in place to develop the Armed Forces into what this Country needs to ensure its secure and independent future. There is so much rumour within the Armed Forces themselves and the Media that it is severely effecting morale. I am sure the Prime Minister has instructed his ministers to come up with a credible, viable, affordable and workable answer, I think it is time to be open and honest with this plan.

But...........When I realised that there is no pre-selectable subject header for Defence, Armed Forces or National Security I realised that I was probably wrong in assuming there was a plan.


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Re: Online Petition

danny said:
if u email david camron theres a thing for defence
Dear Sir,

This is a request - nay, a plea - for your help.

We in Her Majesty's Armed Forces have reached a breaking point that will be difficult to return from. After 10 years of under-investment, neglect and, frankly, contempt from this Labour government we have reached our lowest ebb with the release of proposals to cut back the surface fleet of the Royal Navy by half.

Between this, proposals to suspend the training of the Parachute Regiment, constant equipment shortages, poor accommodation, low pay, delayed and cancelled training elsewhere and the constant denial of overstretch many have simply ran out of patience and energy to fight on.

It should not be the case that we face enemies in global theatres for the perceived, although sometimes questionable, defence of this nation only to have to turn around and defend ourselves from politicians who would seek to destroy us from behind. This morally repugnant situation is only made worse by the visible contempt our Prime Minister displays to those who have been injured in the wars he sought by having never visited them.

I do not wish this appeal to degenerate into a whine about the state of things now, but I do wish to appeal for you to help us make them better.

I am - no, was - a Labour voter through and through, but the disappointment that I feel in this administration has reached a point of criticality.

I am but the tip of the iceberg of those serving and ex-serving personnel who feel this way. I in no way represent them, but I believe I reflect their common views. I beg you to become vocal on defence and to the preservation of our Armed Forces who, in all three services, fight to defend this country and who have throughout history shown a willingness to make sacrifices greater than most. It is within this context that I ask you and your party to ensure that the continuing efforts of better men and women than I are not forgotten and that increasing defence spending and visible support - beyond the spun lip-service of New Labour - becomes a reality.

Appropriate defence spending may not be a vote-winner, but it is arguably right and, beyond this, necessary in the absolute.

Yours sincerely,

Done and done.

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