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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. The papers are reporting that MPs expenses (with lots blacked out) are now on line.

    Does anyone have the details of where to find them?
  2. The Telegraph will probably reveal all in time :wink:

    However, I checked out my local MP (not one I voted for and with more blackouts on her sheets than WW2) - and I was very surprised that she orders her own stationery from Banner, and her own laptop from Dell - I would have thought that there would have been a central purchasing office doing this ..... hmmmm

  3. Not the report Scouse.
    I want to read the dirty details :p Blacked out or not :twisted:
  4. My absolute favourites in no particular order:

    some weeks ago we found out about Lembit Opik's expense claim on a county court fine for late-payment of council tax on his second home.

    Then today, Mr Tony Blair. Everyone knows the story of how his expenses claims were "inadvertantly" shredded when he ceased to be PM. What we didn't know, until today, was that we paid £47 on expenses for the shredding. Belief is well and truly beggared!
  5. OMG!!!!!
  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Looking online at my local MP's expenses, I see that he has claimed £250 to pay J&E Higham for 'National Prayer Breakfast'. Any idea what this is?
  8. Its supposedly an event to bring people together to pray for governments etc.
    They were probably praying they did not get caught. 8O :D :D
  9. Along with £800 a month for the Gardener, who does not cut the grass
    He had to pay someone else £35pw for that Stange a gardener who weeds and edges the lawn plants flowers but does not cut the lawn !

    Jack McH
  10. I see none of you spotted that the expenses of only 645 were published yesterday. One was missed out...... :biggrin:
  11. Allowed to claim 400 quid a month for food ? My youngest daughter doesn't spend that much, and she's got 7 kids !!
  12. This link may interest RR'ers. It is currently being updated.

    On a more interesting note, Sir Stuart Bell MP made some rather interesting remarks to Newsnight, see below:

    They are interesting, given that the committee he serves on, the Members Estimates Committee (MEC), would have been responsible for issuing instructions to the Commons' Fees Office about what to redact in the first place. It also appears from the Parliamentary website (I have been browsing again) that 'smoke and mirror' syndrome is very much in evidence.


    Then some Minutes by the House of Commons Commission, which may be of interest: [see item 2 in particular] [see item 2 again: on appeals by MPs when Fees Office refuse to pay a claim for expenses! - this is why the publication of correspondence between an MP and the Fees Office would be soooooo interesting] [see item 2] [see item 1] [see item 1]
  13. PS: I also enjoy reading my local council's Minutes online. Sad, ain't I? :biggrin: It's amazing what you learn though....... :roll:
  14. :roll: see Johnnies memory is a bit cranky !! double claim for £3275.31 for decorating!!!! in 07 and flipping 3 times (but he made no money out of it :wink: :wink: )

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