Ongoing Injury

I have been looking through the site, and have found bits an pieces of info that may be useful, however, I currently have a number of issues that are causing me some concern. I was injured at the end of July, I hit my head, fracturing my jaw, I also may have a cartlidge problem, and I am awaiting an MRI Scan. I also have loss of movement in my jaw. I have also developed tinitus, and am due to go for a hearing test in a couple of days. My hearing has been altered since injury. Would this be an immediate bar from entry or would it be looked into further. I have been told that if an MRI Scan doesnt show what they are looking for then I will be sent for more tests.
Any advice is greatly recieved


You'd have been better to put this in "Health and Fitness" but I'm sure the Mods will oblige!

With that background you would not be considered for entry until investigation is complete and you have a diagnosis. Eligibility will then depend on that diagnosis. The RN will not take on someone who requires ongoing investigation for medical problems which pre-date entry!

All the best.

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