O'Neill quits Villa

According to reports Martin O'Neill has quit Aston Villa 5 days before their opening game in the Premiership. I guess selling Milner and not getting any money to buy players finally got to him, Brums going to be a very quiet place this season with nothing for them to cheer about, without O'Neill they might even be a relegation target.

Seems there is a long list of the usual suspects to fill the vacant position including ofcourse Sven, but amazingly Bob Bradley the USA Manager is included.


Lantern Swinger
cant blame him for leaving ...if the board gave him money to spend i reckon he could get them into champs league...hes a quality gaffer and a man of his word...wont take any shit of any board.,..hes welcome back at celtic anyday!!!


Lantern Swinger
Haggis_Catcher said:
Get him back to paradise one hell of a manager. will come back to bite villa on there arse big time.
drop lennon to assistant gaff get oneil back in his rightfull place...only hope we got of winning the league this season

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