One Word Entries

Thanks for the work on the wiki all. Fot those non-believers this is a massively underused part of the site and is a very enjoyable place to write, as your contributions develop and stay, rather than being lost as old posts in a forum (please don't tell Norman). It's is well worth contributing to.

This is the sort of thing that can be done with it by YOU (very Kitchener-poster-esque):

One comment though, we seem to have a lot of one word entries. The problem with this is that when you click through random pages there is nothing to read. Also articles should ideally link to each other - this brings the thing to life.

I think 'we' :) should concentrate on filling the articles rather than creating more dead pages.

We currently have 361 dead ends:

and 490 short pages:

My next job is to allow image uploads as once again, although once again I can't get to the server to do this. I'll try again shortly.

I wish I had enough Navy knowledge to contribute!
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