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One to watch out for: The Trail of Tony Blair


It opens with Robert Lindsay, who is playing Bliar, saying in a confession box, "Bless me Father, for I have sinned"!

Semper Strenuissima.
I would be intersested to know the full facts behind Blair, is he the one running the nation? Or is it Brown? What is the facts? Is he a man who done what he thought was right or a man who thought that he could rule as a king? Any thoughts guys.
I disapprove of this docu-soap approach to preemptive history. It is fiction intended to be a drama. So it cannot be expected that it will shed any like on our current position. If however it makes you feel better with a dig at TB then fill your boots.


War Hero
I disapprove of this docu-soap approach

Good point Phil and good reason for moving this thread from Current Affairs to the Quarterdeck.

Point scroll click - moved.


Edited to make procedure clear to subsequent poster.
Jock_of_the_sea said:
is he the one running the nation? Or is it Brown?

What makes you think any of the politicians are actually running the country?

The real power is held by the Spin Doctors, Whips, Senior Civil Servants, Unelected Chairs of Committees and other officials, Rupert Murdoch, the BBC, etc etc

Cynical, Me?


Lantern Swinger
Seadog said:
Any thoughts guys.

And girls or just the guys?

Okay, Beer Bosun, start us off. What are your thoughts, with reasons?

Not sure what I am "starting off", but I think it is to the question Blair or Brown.

I'm not actually sure that anyone is running the country at the moment. Blair is looking incredibly lame and tired. Brown on the other hand hasn't really said anything that makes me think he is running the show. I actually hope its Prescott - at least we get a free laugh out of him

Blair wants to leave us a legacy; I say he already has, War, Terror, Spin and Lies.
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