One more hurdle and I am in

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ja5on, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. Passed my re-medical yesterday now all I need to do is PJFT and they can bid for a place for me wahoo.
  2. We need a cleaner here, I'll put your name forward.
  3. I am only interested if I get my own dust cart, name tag, superman outfit and a blue handled mop.
  4. I'll ask the B.O ridden sugar puff toothed monster that cleans at the moment what the perks are. I'm not sure you get a superman suit.
  5. Can I bring my own then?
  6. What's the bidding starting at?
  7. within 9 months
  8. I got the wrong end of the stick (or you did), I thought you were being auctioned off :wink:
  9. No they tried that apparently I am priceless :wink: because I raised no money. :lol:
  10. I'll start at 1p??
  11. I'll raise you a bag full of foreign ickey's I found clearing the loft out
  12. I am a 1982 white male I am 5'11 so will be handy for reaching the top shelf and top of cupboards. I come with a varety of clothes including a Superman outfit I was raised by wolves so housing me with pets is fine. I need a balanced diet of meat and sugary snacks and drink. I will need a bed and TV to keep me Happy. I am not fully house trained yet so you will have to leave newspaper on the floor for when I need to do my buisness it's best to let me out three times a day for a run round the garden and to play in a sandpit to avoid getting me stroppy.
  13. Going once...I'll throw in Zoidberg and a plastic Moustache.
  14. I'll give you fiver to fcuk off.
  15. I'll raise you Chicojizz and a used jam rag
  16. I'll see that and raise you all the spunkers on here.
  17. :clap:
    Congratulations Ja5(zero)n

    The additional exercise, which you recently gained upending Senior Citizens supermarket trolleys at ASDA, has clearly contributed to your physical fitness.

    (We all wondered where you were yesterday, but your Ma has explained all about your concussion when you fell out of the baby bath so the cyber search parties have now been recalled)

    Keep posting: Rum Ratters need a hearty puke :puke: from time to time to clear out the tubes and leave them free for fresh sustenance.
  18. I'll raise you a my wankerchief and an old used jonny (a big raise, i wanted to used both of these again :roll: )
  19. haven't passed the fitness test yet just medical the fitness is next I will be going down to Tesco to practise my trolly tipping very soon :wink:
  20. Up one jiff rag and and a stiff single sock (for the use of)

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