One man's fears for the country he loves

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by beltfedwombat, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. This may be of interest to other RR members: An ex navy man, Vice Admiral Sir Louis le Bailly shares his views of the state of Britain today. Series of 6 essays to be published in the Western Morning News, starting on Monday. Follow the link to read the introductory article in yesterday's copy....

    western morning news
  2. Will be reading the Western Morning news next week .
  3. Vice Admiral Le Bailly frequently witters on about such things. At his age he should learn to shut up.
  4. Why, he has an opinion, he has the right to express that opinion, if he can find a medium to publish that opinion more power to him, someone obviously thinks his views are valid and of interest to their readers.
  5. why?if he has some thing to say why should age have a bearing on it? your likely a lot younger but i d sooner read the admirals views than yours
  6. Louis le Bailly, why should a cheese eater be worried about what goes on in the UK.
  7. He's not a surrender monkey though!
    I will be reading what he has to say (if I remember) :)
  8. Western Morning News, is it available up here? Although this is Lossiemouth we do get the News from around the globe, sort of.[​IMG].

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