One less lPCSO on Rummer's Manor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Sep 21, 2010.

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    <<.....'I wish I could find another job. Get me out of this s***hole.
    'I hate wearing this stupid stab proof vest out in the countryside where there's no need for it.'

    ....Mr Boulter, from Tamworth in Staffordshire, had worked for Warwickshire Police for five years and was a community support officer in Arley, New Arley and Fillongley. Before that he worked for the Highways Agency and spent 18 years as a traffic warden with West Midlands Police.


    At RR we eagerly await comments from a certain local 'Naval Spokesperson' with some personal experience of both backstabbing and front stabbings.

  2. Traffic warden, Highways Agency, PCSO... - he just wanted to be a proper policeman but obviously never made it! Are any other para-police jobs available to him now, I wonder...
  3. He will probably end up in the control room. You still get a uniform and a key to the door
  4. Yeh but; them pitchforks can be bloody sharp!

    Where he probably needed a stab proof vest.

    Perhaps he was dismissed for not arresting himself?

    On duty in bed? OK, perhaps he was on call; as a PCSO?

  5. I wish they'd fuck all these plastic policemen off, their about as useful as chocolate fireguards.
    They refer to them here as professional witnesses as they have less power that the Vatican Air-force.
    They are not even empowered to do traffic duties so what the friggin hell are they paid to do?

    He is right about Arley and New Arley being Sh1t holes though.

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