One in four Muslims thinks the state was involved in 7/7 att

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. If the government and by inferrence the white majority are so much out to get them, why do they stay? It is ultimately because they know they get a good quality of live here.

    I suspect that the 1 in 4 that make this claim do not in fact believe it, but rather state in to the survey team to be contrary and to express their discontent with Government policy in relation to the War on Terror.
  2. it would not suprise me if this 24% had tickets before or even in the future to Afgan, pakistan or some similar country for further education. the extremist muslim will back up/support any act against the west, and any chance to off set the blame onto the west will be taken.
    It would not also suprise me if this same 24% or more, believe that the twin towers were brought to the ground by the USA and that the aircraft had missiles attached and their guys were puppets. SURE!
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well, they all know where the exits are, they should fcuk of back to a muslim country if they think we all hate them and want to persecute them......But then again they wouldn't get state handouts and the nice Liebour party training their religeous teachers or freedom of speech now would they.
  4. Once more this is just a survey, and a survey of only 500 bodies. The result has then been extrapolated to give a percentage.
    Though I don't honestly believe that 24% of the Islamic population believes this I do believe that a large percentage of the Islamic population in would support an illegal act committed by a Muslim against as infidel (non believer).
  5. Slim, I suspect that a couple of your threads are linked. The results of youth disaffected with society is crime, it just happens that the outlet of crime that resonates with a minority of disaffected muslim youth is Fundamentalist inspired Terrorism.

    If we get back to a situation where we are more engaged with one another as communities based of our location and shared values rather than ethnicity we would not be having these problems.
  6. Re: One in four Muslims thinks the state was involved in 7/7

    Which probably means that they have no terrorists, killers. murderers killing and maiming people of all ages ?
    Not forgetting they hide their faces behind masks etc - obviously wanting to be martyrs but don't want to identified beforehand...

    And they also claim that they are a peace loving religion that will not cause violence to another.....

    erm!!..... Iran/Iraq War 1980s, Iraq invasion of Kuwait/Saudi Arabia 1991, Iran invasion of Kuwait 1960s, the current infighting between Shia and Sunnis in Iraq now, not forgetting the religious wars in other countries etc etc.

    I believe one of the verses of the Koran is along the lines of 'A muslim will not, by mouth or hand, another (fellow) Muslim'.

    I worked in KSA, and met a lot of peaceful people there, but at the end of the day they will not denounce their people, because they are brainwashed into thinking it is a war against Islam.
  7. One in four think that and the other 3 think that it is ok to blow yourself up in a shopping mall and go to rag heaven with all the trimmings.
    Screw em.
  8. Re: One in four Muslims thinks the state was involved in 7/7

    Well I think the fourth RH geezer shot JFK, is holding Elvis Prisoner, pretended to land on the moon, crashed into Lady Di's car, bombed Pearl Harbour, has the Hood tucked away in storage, is the Boss of both the CIA, MI5/6 and the FBI. Just how he sunk the Kursk we will never know.


  9. Re: One in four Muslims thinks the state was involved in 7/7

    Did you say on another post that you were cynical Nutty? Naaaahhhhhh.
  10. Personally i dont give a flying fuck what Muslims say.Integrate into our ways of life or fuck off back to where they came from!
  11. Re: One in four Muslims thinks the state was involved in 7/7

    G'day Andy.

    Mate that should be in their papers when they arrive here, and they must be able to speak reasonable English within two years, or go back as well.

    If the engage in any seditious plans, or plots, or mischief makers, against anything British, the should be deported within the first five years immediately. It happened quickly enough to the three Aussie businessmen last weekend who got pissed and prepositioned the Air Hostess while flying out that way.

    All countries who have taken in migrants like this, have been too lenient int he past, because in the past we didn't have terrorist like these ones who are widespread throughout all of the supposedly free world.

    If a White European does anything wrong, irrespective of how little, if it is against their religious beliefs, they are either jailed or sent home, or the sword can be used and has been in the past, and will again!! more so in the future.

    They are determined to convert or kill the rest of the world.


  12. Re: One in four Muslims thinks the state was involved in 7/7

    Which State!!!!!!


  13. Re: One in four Muslims thinks the state was involved in 7/7

    All they have to fear is......the sky falling on their heads.

    Oh, and pictures of Mohammed.
  14. The trouble as ever with these so called surveys is that by carefull wording of the question, selection of your victims and manipulating the way the question is asked you can get almost any answer you like.

    Just look at some of the better conspiracy theories that shuffle around from time to time and the number of people that believe them. At least unlike Nutty most people only pick one or two at a time to be suckered by.
  15. "All they have to fear is......the sky falling on their heads.

    Oh, and pictures of Mohammed."

    What about the comfy chair?

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