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One hundred top brass get marching orders in new defence cuts to save £4million a yea


Lantern Swinger
I can't comment on ROMFT, ATG, as I don't do it. However, while I do think the veterans leave themselves open to abuse with some wildly innacurate comments, I can't subscribe to the silly old, piss stained bastards, have no right to post on here, point of view. After all we all hope to be sillly old bastards one day.

Visited the last Ark when it was open to the public one day. My old man had asked for his ashes to be scattered at sea and I was hoping to ask somebody if they could hurl them over the side once they were out at sea. No ceremony, just 'gash may now be ditched and over you go'.

The place was absolutely heaving and it wasn't easy to speak to anybody, but when I did, it soon became apparent that this wasn't my Navy any more; I was an irrelevance to today's matelots. I could imagine that they'd spent all day listening to 'When I was in the Navy . . .'

The only answer I got was 'write to the Captain'.

Oddly enough, when I went to watch my lad pass out, within a minute of entering the first pub we came to, I was swapping dits with an ex-matelot and it was like we'd never left.

Today's Navy is for today's sailors and most ex need to stay ex.

I do know that my son works harder than I ever did.

Me? I've danced on down and I've walked the shore. And I'll sail the Grey Funnel Line no more.


War Hero
Erm, as a point of note, our Stewards brought tea to the PWOs and HoDs after call the hands. Which was a ****er when you had the middle!

Blimey you T23 boys have it easy. LPD, never had tea delivered. Only person who did was CO and if the Cdre was embarked him as well.


Lantern Swinger
All the other stuff aside (can't be arsed to keep going round the same buoy), this part in particular actually made me physically 'laugh out loud' - I have visions of you lying on a deck bleeding profusely, or with some other bad injury, demanding to see the First Aider's course pass certificate to check that he/she passed the course with a high enough percentage, and if not you refusing treatment.

HA HA HAAAA, genius, pure genius!

keep 'em coming :wink:

While you are probably well aware that bit was a little tongue in cheek you nicely missed the point I was making. If we are going to defend this branch on the basis that they are 'first aid specialists' then I expect them to be able to pass a fairly simple course with better than a scrape through. Other than that what do they do? Clean the wardroom areas and their departmental flats etc which are normally in the wardroom area. In the 21st century we must be able to do away with these non-jobs and move on especially when ships manning is getting leaner and leaner all the time. Stewards are an anachronistic throwback to days when Officers came from upperclass families and needed servants.

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War Hero
Would you also do away with the senior rates messman? Same thing to a certain extent...

Though it was nice to have a messman in my day he certainly was not essential. Come rounds we all pitched in to clean the mess.
Senior rates are certainly capable of brewing up and mess funds would soon be found to install a dishwasher (though in my day our personal cups were something a forensic scientist would be shocked by)


War Hero
Book Reviewer
dhoby bucket, the SR's messman has already been discussed. We seldom had one on my last two frigates and as my last 3 years at sea were on small ships then........
Sorry, must have missed that discussion, I left (as a senior rate) in 1989 so I am really "catching up" with certain aspects of pussers life,


Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
I think the Brit mindset is increasingly unsuited to stewarding anyway. I started out in P&O cruise liners. Stewards were often recruited from Goa and were outstanding, getting a lot of respect as a result. RN stewards, stand fast a few notable exceptions (who were excellent, dedicated submariners in their own right), came across as surly, carrying a massive chip on the shoulder and in general more likely to detract from Wardroom life than add to it. This kind of experience, in my mind, suggests that they are rendering themselves obsolete.

Of course, the P&O guys went home with a big pay packet, and as they ran the food and beverage accounts, they had many opportunities to make money. As long as passengers and crew were happy, the company turned a blind eye to a lot of the fine detail. Their RN equivalents do not have this outlet, and it's easier to be into a job when you're well rewarded for it. Stewarding is like a lot of other work these days in that many Brits view it as beneath them - hence the Commonwealth ratings entering the General Service Steward branch.


War Hero
Subsunk.....we had a massive catering scandal in the RN in 73 / 74. Officers involved . Loads of CPO and PO s were diss rated , and quiet a few went to jail.! As for myself, I never ate so well at Lossiemouth :grin:
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War Hero
Subsunk.....we had a massive catering scandal in the RN in 73 / 74. Officers involved . Loads of CPO and PO s were diss rated , and quiet a few went to jail.! As for myself, I never ate so well at Lossiemouth :grin:

I'm with Scouse on this one, after the scandal the Victualing branch was sent to the grocers in the sky and anew catering branch was formed.
While the scam was in operation food at Lossiemouth was fantastic, once constraints were in place the food quality fell
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