One has a conundrum

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Danjamaus, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experienced the same sort of thing and if you can help me.
    I'm very far into an army application, and long story short decided I'd prefer Navy now. When I initially applied I just did my BARB and picked at random three jobs. I didn't look into RAF or RN I just steamrolled into the army with little thought. Now it has dawned on me after doing two look at life courses that I don't want to join the army, then I looked into the other services and to be honest think like the look of the Navy most. No disrespect to the army, I'd still like to be a soldier, but much rather be a seaman.

    Now I know the obvious answer is: talk to my recruiter. But what bothers me is that the Navy will just say "well you've just dropped out of your army app, what's to stop you deciding you will do the same with us" which is a fair point. Answer being I'd much rather join you instead.

    Also if the Navy reject me then I'm stuck with the army (I don't mean to say it like that, but you know) and a recruiter who knows I'd prefer something else, which isn't going to look good at selection, then hey ho, I'm barred from the Armed Forces altogether.

    I'm not totally against joining La Legion, but erm, that's absolute last resort.
  2. Hi
    Yes it does look bad if you drop out of army recruitment. The best thing for you to do is, remember that it is all voluntary. You CAN stop the application at any time, they only want people who want them. Speak to a navy recruiter before you get the ball rolling, and explain before it gets to the interview stage. You need to make this one a blinding convincer to get them on side. It's better for you in the long run that you are absolutely sure that it's the wrong decision, and why, to join the army. I don't think they can transfer aplications over either, and with that in mind, you are looking at a looong wait for any trade. If you want something, then you have to try your hardest to get it.

    Best of luck
  3. First of all thanks for the positive response, on some other forums I've only really had negativity.

    I suppose I could say to them it would just be easier for me to press on with my application, I'm very nearly at selection. I hope the fact I am willing
    to wait 2 years to get in and start all over again from scratch when I could start my military career by this year. It is by no means an easy decision, I know I could be in basic by summer but again, for the right career I will wait.
    I know at the end of the day I'm facing a bit of a battle.
  4. You should just speak to the Royal Navy Careers Advisors at their office in the town where you have started off your Army application; you know where they are. It's just a 'phone call.

    I have told you this elsewhere, I'm sure.

    Please give them a call.
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  5. I'm just a bit...reluctant to declare my intentions as I don't want to end up being told to jog on, so to speak
  6. Simples, man up.
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    This overt display of indecision is going to get recruiters from all 3 Services fighting to sign you up. Not.

    This is entirely in your gift to sort out - pick up that phone. Otherwise - jog on lofty.....
  8. Hiya :)

    I originally applied to join the RAF before seeing sense, looking into other options and realising it is actually the Navy I want to join. I went into the AFCO, spoke to my CA, and my application was transferred to the Navy. I have never been asked by my recruiter why I originally applied for the RAF or changed my mind, it wasn't even brought up in my interview.

    Hope this helps :)
  9. That's exactly the kind of info I needed, thank you!
  10. You can have applications running concurrently for the Army and Navy, thus don't need to stop one before starting with the RN! You are then a man with 2 options, and that's sensible!
  11. My son played one against the other. Very open and honest about it. Chose the Navy in the end. All the recruiters were fine, these days all services want the best they can get, your only one fish in a massive pond. Especially with unemployment being so high the amount of 'fish' available to catch is great too.

    Until you sign on the dotted line at your training camp, (whichever service,) your not 'in'.
  12. I applied for the Army, went as far as 'pre-selection', hated it and 2 days later I was sat infront of a Navy recruiter who shrugged his shoulders and and said 'So what?' when I told him I was in the process of applying to the Army. Upon speaking to him, and after plenty of thought and careful consideration I cancelled my Army application and sat my RT. The rest is history. Not once was I asked why I'd dropped out of the Army application, I was only asked why I wanted to join the Navy. Consequently I went on the RNAC last year and loved every bit of it.
    As someone else has already said, man the chuff up and get yourself down to the office. If you're so worried about it and dont have the spine to go in to the office, then don't join up, it really is a simple choice. They are not going to tell you to 'jog on' unless you fail the RT, are declared medically unfit, fail the PJFT/PRNC or come back with something worrying on your Security Clearance.
    Stop dithering and do something about it if you're that set on joining the RN.
  13. Joining any of the three forces for whatever reason is deeply personal and recruiters would rather have a recruit that knows what they want and what they are letting themselves in for. You're not going to see any prejudice because you select one over the other. As was mentioned there are an awful lot of candidates for all three forces and they would all prefer a candidate that is happy with their decision.

    Go with what your gut is telling you in conjunction with all the info the guys at the afco can tell you.

    Remember that your discussion is exactly that. Do what is right for you, it's a big commitment.
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That quote above? Surely a joke nes pas?
  15. Nope, when I start my RN application and have the long wait for a job I'm going to Fort de Nogent to volunteer. If I get in happy days, if not I'll have a job in the Navy waiting for me.
    I get what your all saying about growing a backbone btw. I don't care if my army recruiter jumps over the table and commences strangling me with my own tie, I'm just worried (or was) that I don't get locked out of the Forces altogether.
    As for joining the Legion, my only excuse as to why is because I'm bonkers, and if I can't get off this island on a ship ill happily change my name to Pierre St Jean and don a K├ępi Blanc. Not being British I don't have any quarrels with fighting for France. Or anyone, really.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do you actually know anything about the Legion?
  17. Anyone who starts a thread with "one has a conundrum" and who is not HRH Queen Elizabeth II and can prove it with phots of Phil the Greek starkers running aound the garden of Buck House and then goes onto to wibble about La Legion deserves to befcuked off at the rush.
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I had applications in for the Army and Marines at the same time, got excepted into both, Joined the Corps.

    Why join the legion?

    Try for the Corps, if floaty things floats your boat so to speak become a LC rating after strutting your stuff as a young thruster.
  19. IIRC from daring do stories by Simon Murray etal minimum contract with the FFL is 5 years.
    Now as the maximum wait for RN jobs is about 2 years the OP may have issues in getting back to the UK to be able to take his place at Raleigh.
    The FFL take desertion extremely seriously, if you did a bunk you'd never be able to go back to France or any of it's Territories again. Bit of a problem if your ship is having a jolly in Toulon say.
    Think seriously about this.
  20. For someone who wants to join the 'harder' elements of the worlds elite. I find it strange you use such weak language!

    For starters your thread title; Lacking in conviction. You use words such as 'worrying'.

    Surely someone who aspires to be a 'Royal Marine' or 'Legionnaire' would be positive and bold. You come across as someone who's barely weened.

    If you don't know what you want join the ******* crabs.

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