One for Waspie

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Handler, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Nice piece of nose art seen at Yeovilton !!! Yeovil nose art.jpg
  2. .

    Why the USN "uniform" ?
  3. Your only doing this because you know I hate Lynx!!!!!! LOL

    (At work - no funny pics allowed).
  4. Good one here of you checking the tail rotor is working lol Checking tail rotor.jpg
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  5. Utterly Butterly.

  6. Tail guard if you please sir!!!

    Jobs when getting airborne;

    Check tail lock is engaged!!! - Check!

    Count number of tail rotor blades in hover! - Check!

    Pose for nice colour photo's!!! - Check!!
  7. Droop stops are out, sir!
  8. Aurora Waspie ? Waspie 4.jpg
  9. Yep!! But it doesn't look like a mark 44 torpedo???
  10. Waspie might like this one of xt 434 more.....just about to get tooled up lol

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  11. We did get them on the Vic sometimes lol ! Waspie 2.jpg
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  12. My goodness! That's an old pic!!!! The Wasp is pre - flot bags, has a wooden tail rotor!!!!!

    Grand days!
  13. A Wasp with a big f*ck-off bomb attached to it. Now - the thing is, where's the doors, and how did Captain Wasp Pilot get away from the resulting flash-bang-kaboom fast enough without getting his arse evaporated eh?

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  14. Oh Billy - Billy - Billy.

    The lack of doors is yesterdays air-con. And we all know, (don't we?), that the flash bang goes off under the noggin. You can do a BDA within minutes. Its the sludgemariners that have the probs!!!!!
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  16. Don't believe everything on Wiki!!!!

    It was a sub surface detonation, therefore, it was fine to overfly the drop site within minutes. If seriously messed up the oceanography but above surface was hardly effected.

    The only reason it was a 'one way' sortie was that it gave the Wasp greater radius of action. Another reason the crewman was dropped. 200 Lbs of weight, = 12 minutes flying time = about 20 nm additional distance. (USed to practice the procedure often enough in the SK Simulator at CU.)
  17. 200 Lbs?? Speak for yourself mate..:grin:
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  18. How did they enforce the "Two Man Rule" in a wasp with only a pilot?
  19. Would say there were a few on board wouldn't let him take off with the underslung sunshine bucket.:grin:
  20. That would depend on the man!!!!!!

    If the FC was a total loser then Happy happy!!!

    Slim has a good point - something I never thought of!!! There again it was always a hypothetical situation anyway!!!
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