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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by SCOMAN, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. I'm leaving the Andrew tomorrow after 22 yrs done to start terminal leave. I was just checking my info on JPA and found that it had my start date as the date I joined Dartmouth not my original join date at Raleigh. The upshot of it is that according to JPA I'm not eligible for a pension but of course having done more than 16 years since the age of 21 I am. I'm frantically calling SPVA and the CM(the only one's who can amend the details) to ensure that I get the details changed and a pension paid. To all Yardies and I guess Senior Yardies, check your Joined dates on JPA and get them amended soonest. The CM assistant was aware that there was an issue (why nothing had been done about it f*&k knows) so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm not an isolated case, an Oppo in the office checked hers and her joined date was the date she joined Dartmouth coming up from 'tween decks. I'll update as the situation develops!
    Do you have a number for said offices? A tad concerning, even though I've got a while to go before I leave.
  3. Hope you get it sorted out.

    On a lighter note, despite you being a yardie, you still manage to keep up the act of being an officer and leave it until the last minute.

    Surely there could have been senior rate who could have done for you this far earlier than the day before release. :salut:
  4. It wasn't left until the last minute Oppo it was only on the discharge routine from UPO that it was picked up. My paperwork to the pensions agency was sent months ago and acknowledged. The people to contact is as first point your CM (Dis-appointer) and the JPAC 94560 3600, 0141 2243600, 0800 0853600.
  5. On a similar vein, I joined the RN from RM, the date of my joining the RM was on my SC but only the date I joined RN shows on JPA.
    I asked my UPO about it and was told not to worry as the end (TX) date was correct and would have been worked out as 22 years from date of entry as I was over 17 1/2 at the time.
  6. I have had a similar problem. The information held reference substantial previous service has not transferred to JPA. This I reported via i-support on the introduction f the system. To date fcuk all has been amended. However I did call the pensions agency who informed me they were aware of my previous service. We will see!!!

    Have a nice day

    Long live JPA
  7. I had a phone call yesterday evening from the SPVA and contrary to my previous conversation with them I was assured that whilst JPA still only showed my Wardroom time the SPVA system showed both, indicated that I was eligble for a pension and that all my documentation for it was with them and in order. They state that the pension should be paid within 10 days of my final date, we shall see.
  8. A lad I went through BRNC with had transferred from the RM before eventually going SUY. When he went onto the OCFR payscale they put him on ther wrong level because they had only counted his RN time and not included his RM. He got it sorted eventually, but goes to show unless you check everything to the last detail you could miss something like this and be out of pocket.
  9. Oh I agree but in my case (un)fortunately I have almost ten years EC (2OE) to do on top of the 22 so IF it gets lost in translation those months at CTC won't add up to anything at the end :)

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