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I often wondered what became of RCM.

While I was at Cambridge I took part in a study, (along with a civvy fitter from Barrow), with the intention to apply RCM to the 4.5" Mk8.
Between the two of us we were able to go into such detail that the poor chap conducting the study had to ask his boss for double the time allocated to compile the report.

I don't know for sure but I suspect the report may have been shelved as the 4.5" Mk8 Mod1 was in the final planning stage with a whole new maintenance schedule.

(Sorry for slight thread drift Woos).
RCM is now the norm across the surface fleet & submarine service. I ended up in the RCM group for three years implementing it in HMS Lancaster. At the time we were also rolling it out to the other Hunts and doing the RCM studies for Ocean, LPDs & RFAs. Still doing RCM as a civvy thanks to the RN training. Many civilians still can’t grasp the logic of leaving things alone & not taking it apart to see why it’s working.


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As our friends in Lt Blue are involved. I dare say, a month or too discussing who will actually carry out any repair work. Another month to assemble a team. By then, it'll be main leave. After leave, a week briefing on the tasks to be carried out. Work starts about 3-4 months after recovery. By then, corrosion will have taken a good hold and the airframe will be condemned as a training airframe and sent to Sultan for new AET's to throw spanners at in Pt2!!