One for the Pingers

We used to have a sonar on-board nicknamed ash tray as that was the only bit that worked, the main mod was to remove set?:confused2:
The 195 always worked it was the Pingers that used to cause all the trouble with a birds nest on the cable drum lol always remember the problem, getting the curser to show on the radar screen iirc
When 737 received their first SK I was on 771 in ther hanger opposite at Portland. They, (737) thought they could push it into the hanger by hand like the good ole Wessex 3's!!!! Ha Ha Ha like that happened!!!!

It took all 737 and 771 personnel to push the heavy weight into the hanger. Never thought about using the aircraft movements tractors??????? Too easy!

Scouse, never had a problem reeling in the 195. The problem was controling the swing!!! Linvars all over the place!! Not unusual in heavy seas to whack the hull of the aircraft when recovering the transducer. As for the stinky sludgemariners racing towards the transducer!!!! Dirty trick.

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