One for the ladies

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Who needs men?

    This will please the female members,after all they have been saying it for years! :lol:
  2. I never said I didn't need men. Who else would get the spiders out of the bath?
  3. Not my problem I only use the shower
  4. Not my problem I only use the shower
  5. Thanks for the idea...

    Spider removal = Sex

    Cheers :thumbright:
  6. Roddy, don't be silly. A world without women would be interesting but life would be short, nasty and brutish as well as extremely boring, whereas a world devoid of men would be very short, very, very nasty (and bitchy) and the brutality and viciousness of women scorned would make even Saddam Hussein look like an Easter Bunny!

    Thingy puts head well below parapet, seals twenty 6 inch thick steel doors, er I mean hatches with 18 individually padlocked steel clips per hatch, thus placing 100 meters of earth and 50 feet of reinforced concrete between him and any roaming wimmen.... and hopes he'll be safe...... :roll:

    PS: Have you ever seen the Danish comedy: Ta' Det Som En Mand, Frue! (Take it like a Man Ma'am)

    It depicts a world where women are the dominant gender and men are all subserviant wimps.
  7. So? It's Danish!
  8. Didn't the Two Ronnies come up with that idea first?

  9. Yes with Diana Dors as the main woman in charge.
    Very funny but quite disturbing if you thought about it.
  10. diana dors ahhh many a wank over her even wen she was fat in the adam ant vid

  11. Or for unblocking the hotel pans when the the 'fairer sex' has had a massive dump and left a huge steaming brown floater in the u bend that just resists all attempts to have its back broken with the bog brush.....
  12. Was that after you had fed her the fat pills from the other thread?

  13. Only 10 posts before the topic ended up in the cludgey!!!
  14. I thought this would be an article about an ex-819 Aircrewman that appeared in this section of a certain publication.

  15. Nope, apparently they result in violent liquid fecal explosions. This offending article was the size of a small child and required my poor oppo having to put his hand inside a plastic bag and manually feed the beast round the bend whilst his wife pleaded with him not to call the hotel repairman up or if he was going to have to, then for him to take the rap.....women eh! Anyway, the moral of the story is....always use a bag that doesn't have a hole in it....poor batstard! I'd of fed the dirty cow into a woodchipper feet first.......

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