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I was declared permanently medically unfit during selection due to my smear test results. I had been monitored at the colposcopy clinic for 18 months, and discharged back to the standard 3 year smear test cycle shortly before my medical. Given that smear test results change over time (mine improved), I'm not sure why the decision was a permanently unfit rather than a deferral. Has anyone been in a similar situation and been able to find out why their decision was permanently unfit (or a deferral if this is what they were given)?

I am planning to appeal, and the colposcopy nurses and consultant are willing to write a letter for me stating that I am fine for service, but I'm not sure what it needs to include. Has anyone successfully appealed from a similar decision and can give me some advice?

PM is fine if that's better. Thanks lots for any help.
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Just to add, I'm afraid this is an increasingly common issue and different health areas screen at different intervals which can sometimes mean the individual cannot be passed fit until they have a second normal result. Very frustrating, I appreciate.

Not sure if @nemesis1066 maybe able to further enlighten, but either way, best of luck.
Hi angrydoc, I may not have chosen my words carefully enough in my original post, so apologies. The consultants and nurses can provide details of my medical history, likely progression, timing and nature of future treatment, etc. The decision on whether in view of this information I am medically fit will of course be one for the RN.
For anyone who might look at this thread in future, it is worth appealing. I appealed and was successful, so I am now medically fit and can proceed with my application.

Edit: I should add that I provided new information with my appeal such as a letter from a consultant and results from a more recent test.
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