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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Pontius, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. I can see why I never made 1SL with my lack of frightfully posh accent, as demonstrated by better chaps than I in this spiffing video. I did enjoy the 'pigeons' to Ark Royal for the wasp...6 miles :grin: No real need for huge feats of navigation there.

    This video was added to compliment the Sailor series which I've just finished watching again. It's funny how Jack hasn't changed that much; just fewer of them now and fewer toys in which to play =-(

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  2. Baaaaad Wasp Flight. Wheels in the wrong configuration for flying close to land!!!!! Tut-tut!

    Good find though Pontius. Pre call signs and tactics!!! What happened to dip gang, and where was the HC? Why use the FC for helo control. Wonder how different it is these days?

    And the Galatea must have been right on top it's sonar contact. Classified 'submarine' WTF!!!! lol:glasses10:
  3. I enjoyed that Pontious
    Even saw an old mate Barry Mellis in the red surcoat about 2 minutes in.
    I left Ark before that was filmed but was on for the making of Sailor.
  4. Very interesting little film, shades of the past, last time I saw the Ark was in Malta when she was there with the Vic. A lot of my join up class got drafted onto her and the rest of us the Vic.
  5. Who is the smooth talking Little F..?????? 824 Sea Kings 809 Buccaneers ????:angel8:
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  6. Me and waspie tooled up lol image.jpg
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  7. typical Scouse...............You were always pulling your wire:laughing3:
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  8. Pontious
    I am convinced that ALL occifers at that time had to attend compulsary Naval Elocution lessons at Dartmouth.
    Many friends of mine who went SD returned with a plum inserted in their mouth.
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  9. They have them outside sainsburys, mines always got a dodgy wheel. :)
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  10. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    That was awesome! Did he really say 36,000 cans of beer?

    I want the phantoms and bucs back, bollocks to the F-35, they were real carrier aircraft (and I'm only barely old enough to remember them).
  11. I would have loved to have flown the Phantoms from R09. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to find the deck run distances of Ark Royal but I understand that only HMAS Melbourne was shorter. I believe the Melbourne was 160 ft, whereas Ark was 180 but the RAN was operating much lighter aircraft, the Skyhawk, which can fly at lower speeds and, therefore, doesn't need the acceleration required of the heavier F4s and Buccs.

    I did some real 'back of a fag packet' calculations. Looking at the videos it seems to me the deck run takes pretty much 2 seconds for the F4 (and Bucc). Assuming it is 180 ft long and the F4 would be launched to around 150 kts (that's a bit of an assumption), that would give you a kick *********** of 3.9g, which is quite considerable lateral acceleration.

    Re-watching Sailor, I think the huge downside of being in Ark Royal would have been the cigarette smoke. It seems everybody smoked, everywhere. I know it was de rigueur but I much prefer these cleaner, less smelly-aired times :)
  12. all the technical stuff!!! Pilots bedtime reading. ...Aircraft Carrier Operations
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  13. I concur, I have been watching for the last few nights (well early mornings) the babies got a cold so I'm up!!!!

    Is the steward who married the yank still with her?
  14. You'll have to wait until episode 11, 'Eight Years On'.
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  15. Ok lads one for you,the rotary boys, keeping us going. RN.jpg
  16. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer


    The Mk8 - ugly but still oddly nice?
  17. Navy Lynx, not a pretty helicopter thats for sure. Everything about it looks like a bad bodge!

    May have been more attractive if the under-cart retracted but they just 'dangle'!

    Nope - just plain ugly.
  18. The Lynx is like someone you trap at grab a granny.......................Ugly as sin but what a goer:compress:
  19. you speaking from experience Slim ??? From the Boots ,or maybe Monday night at Buckie :love10:
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  20. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Go on, some vintage for you



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